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I have a couple days off between Christmas and New Years.  I’m so happy.  Only one of the days is an appointment day.  The rest I have things I plan on doing but nothing demanding…hopefully, mostly fun.

Karl came home Friday night.  Karl’s always a great help so Saturday he went over to Kalissa’s and played with Carver so Kalissa could get a few last minute things done.


That left me with a little sewing time so I scrambled upstairs to see if I could get the next mystery clue sewn. I had cut it out on Thursday night.

I buzzed through them and even had time to iron them.  Here’s what I have so far.  Completely caught up with all the clues….


I’m thinking I want PINKS!!  This is screaming for some more colors!

Being I was done with that and Karl still wasn’t back from Kalissa’s I quickly cut and sewed some binding strips and started in on binding this….  Do you recognize what quilt it is?If you said Winston Ways, you’d be right.  It is Winston Ways.


I ended up about 3/4 of the way around tacking down the binding when Karl came home.  I finished getting it tacked down and even started sewing the next step.  Then Hubby came home and it was time to make some lunch.

I was happy to have squeezed in as much as I did.  I’m hoping the weather will be okay today.  Kayla is planning on coming home and last I heard, it is suppose to be a sewing day!

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. You get so much done!? Are you using to die cutter to cut the mystery pieces? I’m still trying to get the trI-rec triangles sewn together accurately! Karl seems to be a sweet young man. My boys unexpectedly came home from Dallas for Christmas. They did all the cooking !

  2. You don’t waste a minute of your time, Yikes I need to get going on my mystery quilt. I do have most of clue one done! lol

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