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I’ve started clue #3 for the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I’ve not gotten far though.  Christmas busyness has come front and center.  The Christmas cards had to get finished…


The cookies had to get made.  Figuring out the final presents had to happen.

In between it all I managed to pull out the 2″ scrap bucket and see it there were any purples….Nope.  Purple isn’t a color I use often.


I got my fabric from Whittles Fabrics.  There were some purples in the selection but I wanted more so I dug in may fat quarters to come up with a few more.  I had a little difficulty coming up with a selection of both lights and darks.  In a perfect world, I’d like more variety but oh well, this will do.


I haven’t found time to start sewing them together but it will happen and I’m sure I’ll be done with the clue by Friday when the new clue comes out.   I still get up early each morning and sew.  These are the perfect project for some early morning…or late evening sewing.  I adore 4 patches.  Few things make me happier to sew than 4 patches.

I am getting a little nervous with these clues though.  This mystery is starting to remind me of Easy Street.  We sewed really easy clues and then WHAM. We were done with the easy clues and were putting blocks together that weren’t that easy to assemble.  It was easy to twist and turn the pieces and like a fool, that year I made TWO mystery quilts at the same time because the clues were so easy.  We’ll see….part of the fun is the anticipation!

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8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Had to laugh about the Easy Street reference, exactly what I was thinking! Did not have enough purples either and since I work strictly from stash, I went with orangy reds and light orange. We shall see.

  2. I hear you on the clues, Jo.
    I’ve got 10 more from clue #2 to sew, (slowpoke here)
    and then it’s on to clue #3 for me.
    this is starting to get exciting!

  3. I am way behind. Don’t even have everything cut out yet! Had to go buy purples as I don’t have a big stash of anything, and no purple. Still trying to finish a Christmas gift quilt for another great-niece.

  4. You make me laugh. “Like a fool” you made two Easy Street Mystery Quilts. I made Easy Street, too, and thought I had fallen down the rabbit hole when trying to put it together. I finally gave that one to a friend because I didn’t like the colors.

    This year, I am sitting out the mystery while taking care of family responsibilities. But I do love to see what the rest of the quilters are doing with it.

  5. I love to sew four patches, too. My leader/enders for the last year and a half have been 1.5″ squares sewn into four patches.
    You’re the second person I’ve seen refer to Easy Street as an ‘uhoh-watch-out’ sort of reference. I’ll have to go look it up! 8)

  6. Easy Street is my MUST finish completely before the end of December. I think I have stalled out on 4 blocks left to make and then assembly. I don’t know that I have borders, backing, or binding picked out . . . I did get up and sew my last 18 4 patches this morning before work. Step 2 is cut out but not all sewn. I have LOTS of 4 patch pressing to do. 3 days until my break starts, wonder if I could get a snow day between now and then?? LOL!

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