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Saturday I woke up to having a cold.  It was inevitable.  All of the childcare kids have been sick and several of the parents too.  One time a blog reader, Ila, told me that with childcare happening at my house that I live in a petri dish.  She right for the most part.  As much as I wash my hands, it’s hard not to get something when it comes at me in all directions.  I’m optimistic that this will be my cold of the year.

It is deer hunting season here so Hubby was off doing that which left the house to me….oh how I needed that!

I love my family.  I love my childcare kids.  I love Hubby but sometimes a day with no noise is exactly what I need.

So what do I do when I have the house to myself?  SEW of course.

Being I didn’t feel good I was hoping to do some mindless chain piecing.  On Friday I had cut out the pieces for clue #2 for the Bonnie Hunter mystery so I started out sewing them.  In a short time I had them through the machine, ironed and through the machine again.  Then I left them thinking I would save the last of the ironing to do during nap time some time this week but Kelli called and I started ironing and before long, I was done.

My constant is red.  I originally got my fabric as part of Whittles Fabrics Bonnie Hunter Mystery bundle.  This was the fabric they suggested so I went with it.  Mine is the Civil War bundle.  They had such a great response to their sale that they have since picked another fabric as their suggested constant fabric.  If you haven’t started the mystery or if you are looking for more variety, their bundles are a great price….anyway, clue #2 is finished!!


I had more time to sew so I grabbed something else that was more mindless sewing….My other quilt along, Split Square.  See how far I got?

This is a Country Threads quilt along.  It was suppose to be only be for a table runner or small table topper….I think I went overboard!!  Considering this is only half of it….I really went overboard.  I really love it though.  I started out using up some charm squares…then pulled from the scrap bucket and then pulled a few fat quarters.  I used up lots of scrap on this one.

I’m so glad I started putting in the browns and tans instead of all really light colored blocks.  It adds dimension to the quilt I think.  I’m hoping to get some more time to work on this one…I’m loving it and would love to see it finished.  Originally I was thinking it would be a wedding present.  Now I’m not so sure.  We’ll see once it’s finished.

To learn more about the sew along with Country Threads follow this link.

To see what others are working on check out Patchwork Times and to see mystery progress check out Quiltville.

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  1. Love the Split Squares quilt. I agree the addition of brown fabrics has “made” your quilt. Like the caramel shades too. Always amazed at how much you can sew in such a short time!

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