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I’m still plugging away on the charity quilts.  I only got two done this week which makes me a little sad, but that’s two more than I had done last week.  At last count, I have four left.

Isn’t this all fun colors?  It was a ray of sunshine for me to work on.  Happily I found a good orange backing for it.


Next up was this awesome quilt.  I decided to use gray for the top thread and did straight line quilting.  I really love how it ended up.


Here’s another shot, closer up though…Charity-3

A reader had sent four striped pieces of fabric to me.  All of them were similar.  I ended up sewing them all up together and used them for a backing.  In light of that there was not real color to match my bobbin thread to.  I ended up going through and cleaning out my bobbins.  All the half bobbins of pink, red, green, yellows and blues were all used up in this quilt.  It was awesome as now I only have thread on about three bobbins.


My stack of quilts that have been machine quilted it growing.  I’m waiting to get all of the quilts done before I pack them and ship them out to the volunteer binders.


It sure is nice to watch this pile grow.

I counted and as of this morning, I have four more charity quilt tops left here.  Yahoo!!

If you have quilt tops you want to send, feel free to send them, I likely won’t get to them until after Christmas but it’s okay to send them.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Congratulations! I can finish one from my stash and feel like celelbrating so I can only imagine how very happy you are to see a shorter stack.

  2. Your pile of to do is getting smaller and the pile of “done” is getting larger, woohoo! your goal is being met. I love the different backs you put on those wonderful donated tops, it makes them more interesting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jo.

  3. It is amazing what you get done along with childcare and family. The quilts look awesome, but I was wondering how you do your straight line quilting across the whole quilt. I have done some short straight line using a ruler. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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