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I’ve been working at the quilting machine still….There are still more charity quilts that need attention.  I didn’t get as many done as I had hoped but this week is looking good like I might have some time to get back in the swing of working on them.

Here’s what I’ve gotten done….This pretty one in Kansas Trouble fabrics.


The gal that made this one has donated several in this pattern…they make an awesome donation quilt.


Here’s another.  This one came in the box of goodies and unfinished projects.  It’s in a medallion style.


This one I had set aside.  I was having lots of trouble finding a backing.  That mauve color is not popular anymore and it’s very hard to find.  It’s a cute little quilt, but a bit of a challenge.  I finally came up with at flat sheet that matched.  I’m so glad that now it’s finished up.  I had an even worse time finding a binding.  I ended up digging through the garbage and found enough extra of the backing fabric so it’s getting bound with the backing fabric.


This is the last one for this post…if you’re a Bonnie Hunter fan you might recognize this as Bricks and Stepping Stones.This one is a scrap lovers dream.  There are all sorts of fabrics in this one!


Can you believe that I think there are still seven or eight charity quilts left for me to finish??  There is a HUGE flannel quilt that was donated but it’s too big to fit on my frame.  I contacted Cheryl in Texas and asked what size of table she had.  She has a 12′ tables so she’ll be able to get it on her frame.  I’ll send that out when I send this bunch out to the binders.  I am hoping to be done with the charity quilts by Thanksgiving.  It sure would be nice to sew the new mystery quilt guilt free.

I know I shouldn’t but I always feel a little guilty sewing on my own things when there are lots of charity quilts here….and with that, I’m off to finish the quilt that’s on the frame.

Today I’m hooking up with Patchwork Times.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. All of those quilts will end up going to some wonderful people who need the warmth and love that binds them together. Thank you Jo for making this all possible with your donated time, talent and supplies. Thank you to those who help you get them bound and off on there way.

    1. No one has reasonable shipping. I go through USPS as UPS and Fed Ex would be a half hour drive for us to get there and their hours aren’t childcare friendly.

    1. I started it myself. I know before I had my long arm, I was often prohibited from donating quilts as I didn’t have the means to get them quilted. I wanted to help others help..this has been a wonderful experience for me.

  2. Jo, you inspired me! On a recent trip to see my 94 year old aunt in Michigan, I learned that one of my cousins works as a nurse in NICU, and that they would love some quilts for to put on top of the isolets. She explained that the quilts would not be used for the babies until they go home, which is often many, many weeks. She said that the quilts brighten up the ward and individualizes the isolets. I have one girl quilt done, but wanted to at least have a boy quilt ready before I send. It will be my project next year. Thank you for all that you do and provide for us readers. You go Girl! Karen E

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    My goodness, Jo! YOU are the quilting machine. How can you accomplish all that quilting when you have not fully recovered from your foot surgery? (That swelling takes a while . . . )

    It makes my heart happy to see all the unique creations your blog readers are producing. What a wonderful, thoughtful bunch of ladies they are to share their quilt tops with folks who will receive a lot of joy from them. Your readers are the best — they don’t just make quilts, they share them with people they don’t even know. Blessings!

  4. Rosie Westerhold, Lincoln, NE

    WONDERFUL charity quilts! I regularly make quilts for donation to our Cuddle Quilt project (smaller lap-sized quilts that kids can”cuddle” with) as well as a Quilt of Valor every now and again. Never enough time for all the charity quilts that need to be finished, but that’s one of the reasons I got a longarm

  5. Hi Jo,

    I’ve made quilts and donated to QOV, Lutheran World Relief, the VA Hospice, and am charity chairperson for my quilt guild. We donate to 45+ local organizations in WA. Thanks for all the work you do, there is such need!

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