What I’m Working On….

The quilting machine is still a working away.  I really want to get caught up on the charity quilts.  Here’s another bunch that were under the needle.   My goal is to get a minimum of 3 done a week with the hope of getting closer to five finished.  Read along and see if I made my goal.

This one wasn’t fancy at all but the colors are wonderful.


Check out this fun one….


This week, like last week, had all lap sized quilts.  That zig-zag was fun.

This one must have been made with a fabric line as the fabric blend beautifully together.


This one was done by Sue who lives just an hour south of me.   I’m going to have to did to see if I can find some purple batik for the binding.


This one is a tribute to how nice of a quilt a simple charm pack quilt can be.  I love it.  One these get quilted they can really shine.


Right now, this week’s quilts and last week’s quilts are all in a pile.  I’m working and working on getting them quilted while I still have the ambition to do them.  Once I peter out, or run out of quilts, I’m going to find bindings them package them up to be sent to the binders.

There are still more to quilt..and I’m still loaded with ambition.  Let’s hope it stays and I can get another batch done next week.

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  1. I read your blog every day, and wouldn’t miss it! You write like an “every day” person, which I think (or hope) most of us are. Go girl!!!

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