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I typically make baby quilts for all the babies born in the family…my side and Hubby’s side too.  Now we’ve moved into the great nieces and and great nephew category.  In early September a new little one was born on Hubby’s side of the  family.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the quilt machine quilted so I didn’t hurry to get it done.

My foot has gotten better now and I am hoping that before long I’ll be able to get rid of the boot so it’s time to get that baby quilt top made.  Well the babies last name is Hanson so what quilt do you think I’m going to make?  If you know me at all you’ll guess that I purchased Bonnie Hunter’s new pattern H is for Happy, P is for Pinwheel.  I am making the H version only in the baby sized…..


Sunday afternoon I grabbed my 3 1/2″ recycled shirt scrap bucket and started cutting.  It was so slick being I had a scrap bin to cut from.  In a short time I had a pile of block cut and happily sewing.

A short couple hours later I had this…I LOVE IT!!

The only problem, I love it as is.  I like the shirt fabrics and I like them set side by side like this.  So I’m taking a detour off the pattern.  I’m not making the blocks wonky and I’m not making the funky sashing.  I’m simply making more “H” blocks.  I love making these.  They are simple, quick and so cute.


I’ve decided on a 5×5 setting.  Pictured I have 11 blocks.  I’ll need 14 more.  I’m super excited to be making more.  Like I said, they are super fun to make.

I sent a picture of this to Kelli and of course she was super excited about it…I think anyone with a “H” name would feel that way.

Right now I am thinking maybe a narrow yellow inner border and then a blue outer border….or maybe no border at all.  What do you think??

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13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I like your blocks and the shirt fabrics!
    Would the baby’s first name begin with an i ? That would be something!
    I see Hi, Hi, Hi – all over the quilt!

    Dang, why can’t I get a Roman font to type the i’s?

  2. That is a really lovely quilt. I think it’s great the way fabrics can change the plans we have for a quilt in the making. I wonder if just one broad border would be enough or none at all… Sorry that’s not much help!

  3. What about a plain fabric for the border with the babies name and stats (weight and length) embroidered in the border?

  4. I am not weighing in on this decision because I know you will pick the perfect ending to this quilt, whether you decide on a border, multiple borders, or no borders….I will just wait to see what you do….
    Love this made with all the shirt fabrics…perfect for a little boy!!

  5. Where is that Bonnie Hunter pattern? Is it in her new book, or do you order the pattern from the magazine? Thanks.

  6. I love it with just the H’s and I wouldn’t add any borders. I have a Granddaughter named Hailey and I’ve been thinking of making Bonnie’s pattern for her. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. I’m loving it so far without the pieced sashing.

  7. Linda-It is a digital download on Bonnie’s site, just added recently. I am kicking myself because I missed the 25% off digital sale. . .I LOVE this quilt!

  8. Love this quilt. I think a yellow border will distract from the middle. How about a purple or black 1 inch inner border with a navy or plaid outter border. Just a suggestion.

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