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I have said that since my foot surgery I haven’t really been picky about what I’m sewing.  I sew on a project until I can’t anymore and then I more to something else.  I laughingly say if it’s close to the sewing machine, I sew it.  It’s so true.  I am working on about six projects at this point.  It’s good that I don’t mind that.

The main reason why this is happening is because it’s hard for me to get on the floor and access fabric or hard to get in the closet and hunt for fabric or hard to get to manipulate opening cupboard doors while I am on my scooter.  It’s left me more disjointed than ever.  I’ve been sewing haphazardly all summer so it’s not a huge change.

It seems whenever someone comes home I have them dig this or that out for me and then I’m back to sewing again.

The latest happening was I finally got this sewn together.


I’ve had the blocks done, just not sewn together.  I was scooting by it and say it on the ice box behind my sewing machine…it was close so I started sewing it.  In no time at all it was pieced together.

The original pattern calls for it to be finished at this point.  I’m debating though.  If I remember it’s just over 90″ x 90″ right now.  I can’t decide if I should add a border or what.  I really don’t need it much bigger so maybe I’ll just leave it.  Any suggestions?

I also finished up a quilt that Kelli and I made.  It will be featured in an upcoming issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  The quilt is fun one and believe it or not it’s not HUGE…well maybe single bed sized but for us, that’s small.

I got a note from a long time blog reader saying that we make so many Bonnie Hunter quilts and not many others….well here’s proof we do make others…this one from a magazine and one of our own designs.

I did manage to do this too….pfeffernuse
These are the Pfeffernuse blocks.  I debated about doing them leader ender style for Bonnie Hunter’s challenge but as I said at the beginning of the post, if it’s close to the machine, it’s going to get sewn.  These were close to the machine.

I still think I might do the challenge…I liked Bonnie’s layout so I’ll likely go with that.

I did manage to get some sewing done for my UFO challenge too but you’ll have to stop back on Wednesday to see that.

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

22 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Love your newly completed quilt top. Great idea to have those scrappy stars shining out of the neutral background. I would definitely NOT add a border. It looks finished to me.

  2. I might put a narrow neutral border around so the stars stand out more all away around. The border would only be a little over an inch or two. I think you showed this quilt before, when the blocks were finished but not together. I really liked it then, and I really like it now. I’m going to have to move it up on my list of quilts to make. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’d add a skinny border to stabilise all those bias edges, and because I wouldn’t have to worry about cutting off points with the binding.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I would add a border as I want all works of art framed to make the centers pop and keep the eye from roving off the piecing.

  5. Love your string star. Beautiful and scrappy. That makes me happy!

    I would sew a narrow border around to stabilize those string ends. Maybe a 2 or 3 inch border.

  6. It’s a fun bright quilt.. I would put a bright border on it, multicolor if you have it. It would pop out those starts IMO.

  7. My strings NEED me to make this quilt. . .they are overflowing and I am running out of room for more containers. I wonder if Elizabeth could do two rows of stars instead of three and use a border, that would make it smaller, keep the design and eliminate the square shape. Just an idea.

  8. There is a lot of work that has gone into those stars using strings. I know from starting some string blocks. It is beautiful put together. I agree with some of the others that a border would keep the strings from stretching or separating. Sometimes I remember to serge around the sides. I think a medium blue would make a nice border, and to make it not square sometimes I make two of the borders wider in width to make a nice fall on the bed. Just my thoughts, but Jo, do it how you want it to look, you always make it look beautiful!
    Glad to hear you are coming along great with your foot. It is time and patience, but well worth it to be without pain.

  9. Love it! I could see you ending it here.

    But I have an idea! First put a thin string neutral around it and then a couple of rows of strings; just piecing together random lengths. The 2nd or 3rd row doesn’t match giving it more scrappiness and continuing the theme of strings.

  10. Small border is needed, probably just neutral would work fine. This is so you don’t lose the points to the binding.
    Love the look.

  11. I have the magazine, it’s the cover photo, “Quilt Magazine” June /July 2013. I just have to make one of those now, It is a beauty!

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