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Remember the wedding quilt that I need to get done?  Well some progress is happening.

First off let me show you what I’m making….  this…  (the picture is courtesy of Mary over at Country Threads blog)  The idea is Mary’s….Me I love it.  Simple yet striking.

She made her’s lap sized.  She used a jelly roll plus added strips.  You can read her post here to catch all the details on making it.

I loved the idea.  I also am excited to do some straight line quilting on this too.

Anyway….I decided to rummage through my solid prints and clean it all out.  Anything that was pastel shades or yellow was getting cut and thrown in.  Then I hit my 2 1/2″ scrap bin and away I was sewing.

I want mine bed sized so I calculated that I would need 54 blocks.  That meant 54 solid strips and 54 printed strips.

In no time I had them sewn and ironed….then it was time for cutting.  You can see my strips all stacked for the cut.

It was so simple and easy.


Then back to the machine.  The segments need to be sewn into blocks.


There you have it…The first row is together.


Now I need to sew eight more rows..sew those rows together and I’ll have my quilt top.

I’m excited about this.  I’ve learned that often some of my favorite quilts are the simple ones.  Do you ever feel that way too?

If you are a charity quilter or someone who needs a quick present, Mary’s quilt is a great one.

I am hoping that next week when I write and tell you what I’m working on that this quilt will all be a top.  I am hoping that’s not too big of a wish.  I just never know what I’ll accomplish with this healing foot of mine.

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. Oh how I miss Country Threads and I’m so happy to read Marys Blogs and to know she is doing what makes her happy now. Her shop was always a treat to visit and I love the quaintness of the farm. I love your use of her blog pattern and its so simple, it now going on list to do……I never know what to do with those yellow fabrics.

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