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I thought when I was out of commission with my foot, with not childcare kiddos here, I would be the quilting queen….nope.  Didn’t happen…at least not yet.  I’ve gotten some things done but not as much as I anticipated.  For one the anesthesia and the pain meds always make me loopy and tired and foggy.  Plus the first few days I was told foot up all the time unless I was using the bathroom.

Once that time period was up, I thought then I’d sew a lot…that didn’t happen then either.  If I was up too much my foot would swell.  Also it’s an awkward position to sit in with one foot on the pedal and one up on a foot rest.

I did get some things done though…..see?

Here are all the small four patches I need for Fair and Square.  They need ironing  yet but they are all there.


I started in on the bigger border pieces for the quilt but I still need to sew more on those.

I am kind of on a stand still because I had to stop and work on a wedding quilt…What do you think?I know..not much.  The goal is to really work on this over the next week though.  I need to have some progress made on it because the wedding is just around the corner in September.


The sad part is that even if I do get it sewn, I don’t know if I can quilt it until the end of September and my cast is gone.  It will be past wedding time but I guess I’ll just have to do an IOU.  I don’t know what else to do!

This is a busy week….I know, I know…I need to keep my foot up and I will as much as possible.  I’m not screwing up this healing process.

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  1. Good girl for doing as the Dr. ordered! It’s hard when you have to sit still, lol. Hope each day gets better and the result will be worth it. Are you able to iron sitting, I know mine would adjust that low but would it be comfortable with your foot up?

  2. Wow! You just expect too much of yourself!! I am sure everyone understands your health situation & wants the best for you! You could just wrap up the quilt top for the wedding gift at the appropriate time.Then bring it home & quilt it when you can!! That way the merry couple won’t feel slighted that they didn’t receive a quilt as wedding gift as is your wonderful tradition. Now don’t be so heard on yourself with your expectations of what you can accomplish ~ just concentrate on healing!

  3. If you don’t get the quilt finished, you could take pics of the top / blocks…and place them in a card with a nice IOU note. They’ll have a great gift to look forward to! …And they’ll understand your foot circumstances and have extra appreciation for the hand work that went into their special quilt.

  4. I’d like to point out that a quilt IOU is the very best kind of IOU. If you asked the couple, I expect they would be far happier getting a handmade quilt after their honeymoon than something store bought righ tnow. Hang in there.

  5. Hi Jo!
    If you get the top done, you can send it up to me in Wisconsin and I can quilt it for you. Would be happy to. Have been laid up in the past myself and have had to watch deadlines go by, so if it works, I will quilt it for you.

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