What I’m Working On….

I’m surrounded by projects to work on…the main thing that I’m working on though is recouping.  Surgery was last Thursday and it’s slow go…  I have the living room as my “patient” room…me as the patient…and me working on be my patience as I heal.  I’m pretty bad at sitting still….honestly, I’m horrible at it.  I’ve been doing my best to listen to doctor’s orders though.

I have my embroidery.   I have a punch needle project.  I have my English paper piecing.  I’ve been doing a little of it all…that and watching television…actually Netflix.  It appears that I’ve become a binge watcher…not by choice but by boredom.  Right now, it’s Crimson Fields that has my attention. It’s been fun to watch.  Several of the Downton Abbey characters on it.

I have ALL of those half square triangles to iron that I showed you last week.  (If you missed it, here’s that post)

I also have THREE boxes of quilt magazines and quilt books I want to get sorted out.


Ever since I got the quilt room cleaned up and arranged I’ve been slowly…very getting through them.  At one time I think I had seven boxes of them.  I don’t subscribe anymore so here’s my chance to get caught up and I want to take it!!  I’m sick of the magazines lying around.  I am a ripper and rip out patterns I want to keep.

Last week before surgery I also cut out a HUGE amount of T-shirts.  I’m hoping to twine a rug or two if time allows.

As you can see, I have plenty things to do…

Right now I just need enough zip to do them.  Each day I do a little more and a little more.

Watch my Instagram account it you’re an Instagram-mer.  I’ve been showing a few things that have been keeping my attention.  If you’re not an Instagram follower you can watch the pictures change on the right hand column of the blog.

I’m hoping by next week I might actually have a little more to show you in terms of something I’ve accomplished…I know, I know, I’ll take it slow.

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. It’s hard for you to sit still since you’re not used to it, but I bet Ruby loves it! She gets to sit up next to you and be close to “her girl”.

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    hope you are feeling better and getting a lot done. I feel for you. I go in next week for surgery on my hand again. Got to do the carpal tunnel surgery over again. This time they will cut my hand open. So my recovery time will be longer this time. It won’t stop me from sewing or using my long arm quilting machine. Get a lot done. Have a great day.

  3. Hope the healing is coming along! You have a lot of things to keep you busy! I looked up the show Crimson Fields on Netflix but it’s not there. How do you watch it. I like something to watch when I get on the elliptical. Thanks!

  4. Bomb Girls Is kinda good. WW2 bomb factory In Canada.
    Rein yourself in for a few more days,Jo. We all know what a go-getter you are. Take care.

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery but I missed what your surgery was for. It’s good to have projects ready for ‘sitting’ time. Take care.

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