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Yahoo…great news.  My child care baby has started sleeping in the afternoon when the older kids nap.  She doesn’t do it every day and doesn’t do it for a long time but I usually get about 20-45 minutes a day of a break.  I am so happy to have the little break.  I can go to the bathroom with no threat of kids walking in on me.  I can eat.  I can water my plants.  Best of all if I am careful with my time and have something to grab I can squeeze in just a bit of me time…

I’ve gotten a few things done over the last two weeks.  This is Talkin’ Turkey.  I know it doesn’t look like much to you but the project is further along.  Before I only had some of the string pieces sewn.  Now, the pieces are cut out.


I also got all the pieces cut out for Winston Ways.  Previous to this I only had the 1 1/2″ strips cut for the red and white four patches.  I forgot to take a picture of that.

…and something else happened too.  I’ll admit.  I shouldn’t have…but here’s what I did.I was happily cutting out Winston ways.  I was innocently, completely innocently, cutting out Winston Ways.  Well as I cut there were left overs of the 2 1/2″ strip.  I started cutting them into bricks and squares.  Then I got thinking as long as I had the tote with the 2 1/2″ strips out…as long as I already had a pile of bricks and squares, why not cut out Bricks in the Barnyard??

So I did.


Happily a blog reader had gifted me a bunch of already cut out 2 1/2″ squares so they are making their way into this quilt too.


I know I wasn’t going to start any new projects…but hey, I know I am going to make the quilt some day so why not be one step closer to having it done?

With this, the decision on whether to make it out of shirts or out of regular fabric was decided too.  I do have to cut the pieces for the braids out.  I’m hoping that happens sometime soon but I’m not worried about that.  I can sew on this a long time before I need the pieces for the braids.

When I am taking advantage of nap time, there aren’t many things for me to do because I can only work on whatever I can do at the kitchen island.  I can see into the rooms where the kids are napping so I try to stay at the island so I can keep an eye on them while I work.  There will likely be more quilts cut out before I’m actually ready to sew on them as it’s something I can do while I have those few minutes…and you know me…I am always squeezing in something.

Oh well…there are worse things in life then having LOTS of quilts cut out.

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. You do make good use of found time. I think it looks like you have a lot done. But don’t you just want to take a few pieces to the machine and see how they will look?! I don’t mind the cutting and it appears that you don’t either.

  2. Oh,Jo, I love !! I have done the same thing. I’m cutting so I might as well add these for the other quilt! I have all of the blocks made for Rick rack nines and misplaced the book! I will find it!!

  3. I love to have the whole quilt cut out, so when I have the time, I can just sit and sew. :) I ALWAYS cut before retreats or sewing days. I also cut for patterns while managing the scraps (I can not seem to get those under control), so right now, I am cutting for Texas Braid and the lights for Wild and Goosey as my scraps go under the blade.

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