What I’m Working On….

It you’re on Instagram you know that I loaded Bricks and Stepping Stones onto the machine on Friday.


Happily it is done and off the machine. I even have the binding started to be sewn down.


But that’s about where I stopped.

I had more important things to do….The downstairs needed cleaning and I had food to make.  All of our kiddos were home this past weekend.

Both of the boys brought new girl friends home too so I had to make an attempt at the “nice home” look.  I’m mostly over that…thank goodness.  I’ve learned if they don’t like us as we are then they probably won’t fit into the family very well.

My childcare baby turned a new corner..she’s sleeping at least a little bit, during the time the big kids sleep.  That’s left me with three days that I was able to sneak in a little cutting at the kitchen island.  I managed to cut out the rest of the pieces to Winston Ways….I’m so happy.  Happy to have that done and happy that she’s sleeping a bit then.

Check out the blog tomorrow…I’ll tell you how the weekend went with all the kiddos home…with that bunch, it’s always interesting.

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  1. Happy anniversary!! So glad to share in the story of your wedding day, as well as your day to day life. Wishing you many more years together.

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