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Back when Kelli cleaned her sewing room, she ended up bring LOTS of stuff to my house.  She didn’t want to throw it away and didn’t want to donate it either.  It ended up coming here and slowly I’ve sorted through it all.

One of the things I found was this…


Apparently she had “half” made a quilt and then gave up on it.  I asked her if she wanted it…she said no-it’s small and she was just done with it.

COOL!!  Remember I have all those weddings this summer that I want quilts for?  Well this is becoming a wedding quilt…well it might anyway.

As is, it’s not very big, lap sized at best.

I ended up digging some more and found this…More blocks.  Nine more blocks.  UGH.  To my calculations I need 10 more with any hope of making it big enough.


I started hunting for fabric.  I only needed on block.  The light sashing fabric was the first one I started hunting for…

After a few minutes of hunting in the ice chest where I keep whites, I found it.


Then onto fabric I needed.  I only needed 4 – 5″ blocks.  After some hunting I found some I thought might work.  The problem is that all the colors as slightly “off”.  The green is more olive.  The red is more tomato.  The blue is more teal.

I got everything trimmed and then realized I need 2 brown square.  UGH.  These had to match.  I couldn’t find the fabric anywhere.  I didn’t have the best close matches either.  If I was making it for anything besides a wedding present I don’t think I would care but- ugh.

That’s when I remember that this quilt was made using our disappearing nine patch pattern (Find it here) and that one edge of the quilt would have to be removed .  When making the quilt, two sides end up not having sashing.  I would either have to create more for the two sides or take what was there off.  Being I didn’t have more brown, I’d have to removed it.  That means I would have the two square I needed.

I was back in business and sewing again.

I had enough white sashing fabric to add a plain inner border and found a brown for the the outer border.  So there you have it….a quilt top.

It’s not fancy but it looks good.

I’m so happy to have this finished.  I found a backing already too.  So next up on the quilt machine is this quilt.  I’m going to be so happy to have another one ready for the upcoming weddings.

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10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Looks great – you’ve found perfect fabrics to enlarge it – you can’t tell at all which part was the original quilt and which part is new.

  2. One of the things I most enjoy about your blog is that you are so resourceful. You seem to be able to find a suitable solution for just about any situation. I love this quilt and think it will make a lovely wedding gift. The browns give it a nice masculine touch. I can see it getting lots of use.

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Good job of making a success story — er, ah quilt — out of a discard. You have the insight to see what Kelli’s half-finished project could be: a beautiful quilt for a new couple. I love that idea.

  4. Great quilt, Jo! When I was reading the beginning of this blog post, and you were searching for what you needed to make it bigger, I had no doubt that you would come up with a solution!! As another commenter said, you are very resourceful….just one of the many reasons I love reading your blog!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Melody Amonson

    Jo, I know you mentioned you needed more batting by the roll. Did you see that JoAnn fabrics has warm and natural on sale today, Monday only? I don’t know what a good price is but I believe it is $229.

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