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I had a great weekend.  No one was home.  I had time to sew!  I had lots of time to sew.  That hasn’t happened for awhile.  It rained one day so I couldn’t be outside so that left even more sewing time.  Yahoo.

So what did I do….Charity quilts to start off with.  I was a busy little bee.

Here’s the first one on the frame.


As soon as that one was done, I popped on another.

I had to sew up a backing first but that didn’t take long…

After those were finished I moved on to some sewing room re-organization.

Being I had cleaned and did charity projects I decided I wouldn’t feel guilty if I sat down and did something for me so I sewed down the binding for Rick Rack Nines.  I am so happy.  This UFO is going to get finished!!


After that I headed down to the computer to contact some of my volunteer binders.  I have three charity quilts that need to get bound.

The next day I was back to the sewing room.  I did more organization, sewed a backing for my Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt and started getting something together for another wedding quilt.  It was so nice to have a weekend to sew.  AH…it was exactly what I needed.

Stop by on Wednesday to see my UFO progress and stop by on Friday to see Rick Rack Nines.  I think I’ll have it all ready to show off.

To see what other are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

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