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I should show you pictures of my garden…my flowers…my completed book work because truly that’s what I’ve been working on…but a Monday morning post is suppose to be more about what I’m working on in the fabric department.

So…here goes.  There’s not a lot to show.  Kelli brought me a box of scraps that I’ve been trimming up and sorting.

While I’ve been doing that…A BIG package came in the mail.  Goodies galore! See??

Well in with all the big pieces of fabric are quite a few smaller pieces that need to be sorted and taken care of.  While I have all the stuff out, I’m going to just keep trimming.

This box came anonymously.  I have looked and looked for a name.  All I know is that it came for Charles City, Iowa.  Hm…I keep wondering if I can think of anyone that I know??

I’m going to keep at my trimming and not think about the projects upstairs that are calling to me…  There’s a big line up.  All are screaming “finish me!  finish me!”.

I’m not sure what I’m grabbing next.  All I know is that for now, I’m going to concentrate on getting the scraps handled.

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I always enjoyed the pictures you posted when building you new home so I would love to see pics of your garden & flowers, also, Jo!!

  2. What do you do to tame the scraps you get? I try to follow Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user system. Larger pieces are cut into strips. The smaller pieces I’m never sure if I should cut down to blocks & bricks or just throw into a pile with strings. They seem to big to be there. I’ve had lots of scraps given to me which I’m grateful, but at a loss how much time I put into cutting into useable pieces and how to determine what sizes to cut. Thanks!

  3. I am working hard this summer to get scraps under control, but it is so hard. And if I am cutting fabric for a specific quilt, does that make it a UFO? But it seems silly to me to cut fabric and put it away to sort it all back out again to make a quilt. . .I have some scrap collections that all go together, so I am finding a pattern they fit and cutting them to those sizes. It does take a lot of time to scrap manage the piles from BEFORE I knew about Bonnie’s User System.

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