What I’m Working On….

I am actually not really working on anything except dealing with a little dose of revenge.

Depending on where you are in life, either you’re the daughter and you are always bringing home something your mother gave you or you’re the mother who is giving something to your kids everything they come home.  Me, I’m the mother peddling things to my kids…you know, the “this was your grandma’s, I think you should have it” or “You’re going to see your brother soon so drop this off at his house”.

Well this last weekend, Kelli and Kayla decided to take revenge on me for all the years I’ve done that to them…and they decided to do it to me!

Kelli brought THREE, yes THREE, boxes of stuff…all large and all FULL…heaping full.  Kayla brought one box.  Both of them are off from work and school right now so they’ve been cleaning.  For Kayla it’s summer break from teaching and for Kelli is a break in her nursing classes that has given them cleaning time.

This is one of the boxes from Kelli…See the bags and bags of stuff?  It’s left overs from projects.  The bag on the left has pin wheel blocks and nine patches.  Another bag has pieces from a previous project…another bonus triangles.

Kelli hates dealing with this stuff and she doesn’t like sewing without a pattern.  Me, I love it.  So what happens….she’s “gifting” it all to me.

So I’m busy sorting and counting.  I’m counting out everything in the bags and labeling them….more goodies…plus a bunch of string pieces.


Look at all those bonus triangles to the right…gobs and gobs of them.  I suggested a couple of patterns she might like to keep them for but she has no interest…doesn’t want them.  I’m fine with that!!

There won’t be any sewing done for a couple days.  It’s going to take time to count, sort and find a home for all of this.

I’m happy to be the recipient….they are happy to be rid of it all!

Like I said early in this post, it’s usually me that’s getting rid of goodies and them taking them home.  It’s a new experience for me that this is working the other way around.

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. This made me smile! I know you will love sorting out all of the scraps and strings and that eventually they will find a home in a pretty quilt or two or ten or more!

  2. A plea from the Quilting Community. I live in England but follow quilting blogs from various parts of the world and read your blog every day, Jo. Also Jo Butterfield’s blog from Australia. She makes lots of charity quilts including ones for Aussie Hero Quilts which is run by Jan-Maree. Jan-Maree’s house burned down at the weekend and Jo has posted about it and the drive to raise money to help. I would be most grateful if you could publicize this on your blog. Details can be found on Jo Butterfield’s post: http://jobutterfield.blogspot.com.au/206/06/ aussie-hero-help-needed.html
    Thank you, Jo.

  3. Jo, I had to giggle when I read about you getting the bags of scraps from your daughter. What an awesome gift of quilting fun. And this is exactly the same feeling I had when I received the box of “crumbs” from you! I was overwhelmed at the HUMONGOUS box just stuffed, no….. PACKED, with fabrics! I spent a whole afternoon sorting them by color, and admiring all the patterns and designs.
    Then…..I got busy making Wild and Goosey blocks and having a blast with all the possible combinations of colors. I am positively addicted to scrappy layouts and these blocks just intrigue me. I just cannot make myself get up from the machine until I have completed at least 7 or 8 of these adorable paper pieced blocks. I will have to get a photo to share with you. You think Bonnie would approve? LOL I just know I love them!
    So, I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing the joy of fabric scraps……….you have made me one happy girl!!!!!

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