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I got two charity quilts in the mail this week.  Since my quarantine I’ve had the charity quilts under control and have vowed that I wouldn’t let them get out of control again…that meant I needed to spend some time at the quilting machine getting these quilted.

This beauty was the first in line…. It’s a wonderful lap sized quilt that I’m sure will be loved.  The colors match so nicely.


Being it was smaller it was quick.

The several border treatment was neat.


Next up I started working on this one.  It’s large…93″ x 93″.  The had started to be sewn together.  I ended up needing a little bigger.  There were pieces included with the quilt that were orphan blocks that matched the front.  I ended up piecing them together and adding it to the back….PERFECT.Then it got loaded onto the frame and it was time to quilt it.  I got one row done and that’s where I left it off at.


Over the week I hope to finish this quilt up and get it sent off to one of our volunteer binders.

I am so happy to keep with my commitment to not let the charity quilts stack up.  Once I get this one finished, I’ll only have two more there that need attention.  That’s not too bad.  It’s a number I can easily live with and actually a number I like.  I like the sense of security knowing that if a circumstance comes up where we need a quilt quickly, I have one that can be finished in a short time.

Thanks to all who sent quilts…all of them are great quilts that will be loved.

I’m also working on my UFO project.  You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see my progress on that…

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Jo, you are a special person to give a lot of your time working on charity quilts! I love reading about all your projects!

  2. Rosie Westerhold

    What pattern are you quilting on the large quilt? I can’t quite tell from the pic on the frame. Looks like you quilted Jamie Wallen’s swirls ion the smaller quilt. The picture shows such texture on the quilt. LOVE it! I need to practice those swirls some more. Have the perfect string quilt that has been loaded on my machine for WAAAAY too long. Need to get it finished. It’s a charity quilt also. Love making string blocks which is usually what others throw away. It amuses me to see what I can make from other people’s trash.

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