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Much of last week and a chunk of the weekend I worked hard to try to finish up a baby quilt.  I have a baby shower next weekend and this is the present so it has to get finished…luckily I did finish it.

I am so happy with how it turned out.  It’s a busy-busy quilt but I love it.

You might remember our block that was featured in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine.  This quilt was made with our block.  (magazine on news stands now)  A bit ago I wrote a blog post (find it here) about how I constructed the block.  If you follow my instructions and wanted to make this quilt, the inside sashing and the outside border are made with the bonus pieces.  For the quilt I did change it up and used different back ground fabrics.


Being it’s so busy I was a little nervous with what to do as far as the quilting goes.  I ended up with this…..Straight lines!  I love the straight lines.


I first was introduced to straight line quilting from Mary over at Country Threads (Mary explains how to straight line quilt here).  I think with a baby quilt that will be washed often it’s a good idea to have close quilting.

I ended up going with a polka dot backing.  The dots on it are pink, gray and black.


The binding I ended up with was red and pink.  I think it was a good choice so that it looked okay with the front and okay with the back.

I was so happy with the straight line quilting…I feel like it calmed the quilt down…I love that I used up all the little bonus triangle pieces…

Let’s just hope that mom and baby love it too.

Here it is just coming off the machine.  I think you can see the straight line quilting best in this picture.


Ruby and Betsy are buddies for the week.  Kalissa and Craig are away so Betsy is hanging out at our house.


Being most of my time was spent working on this baby quilt I didn’t get a lot of other sewing done.  I’m going to have to scramble to make some UFO progress…(in case you didn’t know, we’re having a “work on UFO Wednesdays)…Stop back then and see if I can make some progress on my UFO project.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

14 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I love your quilt!! I love the way you made the stars then the way you used the bonus triangles! It’s just so striking! It’s going on my bucket list!

  2. I have been seeing the straight line quilting for awhile now on some modern style quilts, but didn’t know how it would look with blocks with sashing. It looks fabulous. I think I’m going to give it a try.

  3. Kristin Stonham

    Oh, that’s beautiful! I have a niece or nephew due in January, and have been pondering what to make her/him as their inaugural quilt from auntie. I may just have to go with this one!

  4. Cheryl in Dallas

    This is a beautiful variation of your original quilt. That little baby will enjoy looking at those bright colors. How do you come up with these ideas??????????!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the link to Mary’s tutorial on straight line quilting.

  5. A beautiful baby quilt! But when looking at it could also be a HaPpY BirThDaY quilt!!!!! Samething I guess! Lovely…

  6. I love straight line quilting! I use it quite often with my Bernina with walking foot attached. Even quilted a queen size quilt with this method. Tho it takes longer than free motion on a domestic sewing machine, I love the look. So worth the extra time. I normally space my lines about 1″ apart.

  7. What a fun baby quilt! Love all the colors. The last picture of Ruby and Betsy made me laugh . . . it looks like Ruby is thinking “But Mom, this is my job!” They are so cute!

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