What I’m Working On…

First off, let me tell you this.

I looked at my “medical plan” sheet.  Today is the 25th.  On the 25th I can eat all the things I’ve missed.  MILK PRODUCTS….I’m coming for you.  I had not idea how much cheese and sour cream I consume….or butter for that matter.  EGGS…I had no idea how many products you are actually in.  More than 6 ounces of meat.  I had no idea how much meat this farm girl consumes.  I lived with lower doses of carbs for a long time so it seemed foreign to eat more than normal.

Also on the 25th, I CAN TAKE MY THYROID MEDS again.  Yahoo!!

So the second I am awake today….I am running downstairs.  I am popping a pill in my mouth and setting a timer for  minutes.  Then I am going to eat oatmeal WITH MILK ON IT!  Kalissa works in Decorah

On the quilting front…  I am going to keep working on getting quilts quilted.

I have quilts draped everywhere…..  here’s the rack.  As full as it looks, since I had my treatment I’ve done five quilts.  The rack used to be MUCH fuller.  Some of the quilts I have done are really awesome.  I can’t wait to show them off.  Keep checking back this week.  I plan on parading lots of finished quilts.

Draped here are two baby sized quilts.  These will go for donation and will be quilted sometime after Thursday when I’m cleared to work on charity quilts again.
This is next up on the frame.  It’s a quilt of Kelli’s.  The pattern is from Country Threads and is called Farmer’s Daughter.  She needs this for a wedding present.


Here is my Jingle All the Way quilt.  I need to piece a backing.  Under it are three charity quilts that I can’t touch until after Thursday.  What for blog posts about them coming soon.  They were all bound but then got left there after I had the treatment.

Here’s what I really want to do….Wonky Wishes.  Keep watching the blog.  On the day I’m showing this one off I’ll be hosting a giveaway for the pattern.  It will likely be a one day only giveaway….

Here is a stack of three charity quilts.  These will be done after Thursday as well.  These all have backs prepped and are ready to go.

In the closet are a few more charity quilts.  I think four more.  I’m getting closer and closer to a more manageable number.  Little by little.  I like having goals that I’m working towards especially when I have several days to get a chance to work on them.

Keep cheering me on….

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13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. You are on a roll, and i feel like once you’re cleared medically there will be no stopping you! Whew! And I’m so excited to see your Wonky Wishes. That design caught my eye before it was officially coming out, but I’m holding out on getting something new until I get a few more projects finished up.

    BTW, I’d ease back into the dairy. I love dairy, but when I had to be off it for a little while, afterwards I found too much of it gave me tummy trouble.

  2. Good to read your happy post. Do watch how much meat and dairy you eat though. It really isn’t good for you, whether you are on medication or not. Pork is really bad news, I never touch it, haven’t for 30 years or so. I only eat meat a couple of times a week, sometimes not at all. Fish, vegetable based meals or egg based meals are our staple foods, full of flavour and much better for the body.
    Enjoy quilting your charity quilts once you are cleared for action. They look awesome.

  3. I’m not understanding why you can touch some quilts that you give away but not charity quilts……I understand the radioacive iodine pill. but the explanation for touching some not all eludes me.

    Enjoy that oatmeal!!!!

  4. You are amazing! I can’t wait to see Wonky Wishes and Jingle bell squares! I sure wish is had you energy and could get as much done as you do. You inspire me.!

  5. Woot Woot!! Enjoy your day! I bet that you feel even better with some good food in your tummy! Enjoy the oatmeal with milk!!!

  6. Yeah! You made it! I’ve been thinking about you a lot! BTW, the brain fog may take a few weeks to pass. But it will pass! Watch those carbs and eat lots of fruit and veggies, to help get that thyroid wt off!

  7. JO, you are an inspiration. I make plans, but then don’t follow through. I need to get off my duff and start getting active. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  8. jo, i’d watch the cheese, sourcream , and butter consumption. as i recall, you claim to have lost weight at the beginning of this “ordeal’. maybe not eating those foods caused that. just think about it! i know that’s how i lost weight at one point.

  9. Cheers to getting to eat “normally” now!!! Amazing how good those forbidden foods taste!!! You are doing a great job on the quilts, charity and otherwise!! I’ve had the same quilt on the frame since the beginning of the year!!!

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