What I’m Working On….

I was busy this weekend.  Saturday I was home alone all day.  I loved it.  I needed it.

The extra rows got put on Bricks and Stepping Stones.


Right now it’s about 72″ x 81″.

It’s a wedding present.  The debate is on…leave it as is?  add more rows?  put a border on?

What would you do?  Right now I am leaning towardsleaving it as is.  It’s a decent size.  Not huge but definitely usable.

After that was done I  decided to keep on with my cleaning…I’ve been crazily cleaning and reorganizing.  It’s been wonderful.  We’ve been in the house over a year but there are lots of things that don’t have their forever home.  Saturday was sewing room day.  I’ve tucked things into the closet or under quilting machine but haven’t completely thought their purpose and place through.

I was suppose to go to a sewing at the school but I just didn’t feel up to it.  Working and tidying at my own pace at home seemed like that would be a better option for me.

I’ve said that I currently have charity quilts coming out my ears.  I reorganized all of them, took count and made a plan of attack.  I did that with the all the left over batting strips too.

I pulled out half of the things and put in another shelf.  I think I am going to keep my eyes open and find one more set of metal shelving units.  I just need the cheap ones that are narrow.  Funny thing is that last year I bought two and gave them both away to the kids.  Oh well.  I’ll find another set…auction season is coming after all.

Once I got everything that was going into the closet back in I decided to start on one of the charity quilts.  I decided to see how many I could get done by using up only scrap batting…

I really need to get a better handle on keeping things to keep a plan in place.  I’m kind of silly.  I make rules and games for myself.  The new plan is that if I have more than 5 charity quilts here I have to stop everything and get a few of them done….I have LOTS of work to do until I get to that spot but I’m going to work hard on them until I get them under control so keep watching the blog.  If I can manage to stay active over my treatment time LOTS of charity are going to get finished…If I don’t feel good then I’ll just slowly plug away on them.  It’s a good thing that I like working on them.  There are close to 30 here.  Oh my.  I don’t want them to live here for forever.

I do have a stack of charity quilts here that need binding.  I almost thought about having a binding party…That might be fun.  Any takers?

Today I’m hooking up with Patchwork Times.

21 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I would leave the wedding gift quilt exactly where it is. It looks lovely and I think borders would detract from its overall effect. Re your amazing total of Charity quilts….. I am gobsmacked by the thought of all that work you have ahead of you, but then I don’t have a long arm and haven’t a clue what it really entails to quilt all those quilts. I love hand sewing bindings, a very satisfying process I always feel and if I lived nearer to you I would come round and sit and bind with you. Only problem is I live several thousands of miles away in the very centre of England! I’m with you in spirit!

  2. Love binding quilts so satisfying knowing another one is complete but like Linda I’m also one of your UK followers and I think the postage would be too expensive, I will just have to work away at my UFOs and be with you in spirit!! Bye the way good luck with your treatment over the next weeks.

  3. So, Jo, I almost feel that you took my previous comment the wrong way—I totally believe in my primary care Dr. because he and I have a 45+ year relationship. I only see him once a year for my annual physical, but if I have questions that he can’t answer, he sends me to someone that can answer them. Unlike you, I don’t have “major medical” problems, but there have been problems along the way. After all, you don’t get to be 73 without some changes in your health or your lifestyle. Like you, I do research about my problems, but I have come to realize that a lot of information on the internet is also a lot of “urban myth” type of information. I only hope and pray that you too can see the difference and take all “un-answered” questions to the medical Drs, and yes, I do know that they are not always right. That’s why they also say get another opinion. As for the latest wedding quilt–leave as is, just quilt and bind and send much love with it. I love your blog, I love your books, and most of all “I love you, for who you are and what you represent”

  4. I wish I was close enough to bind all of your quilts. That is just so relaxing to me–just to do the hand stitching part of the binding is like a big sigh of relief–it’s like the weight of the world is off my shoulders–it is done !!! :)

  5. I would come and bind with you any time… leave the wedding quilt as is… it is beautiful…
    take care of yourself …

  6. Your quilt is very pretty. I wish I lived closer to help you bind! I need to put the binding on my granddaughters big girl quilt today!

  7. I love the wedding quilt. Perfect size for a cuddle on the couch quilt! Isn’t it fun cleaning and organizing and planning! A binding party is just what you need. Or since they are charity quilts, maybe friends will take them and bind them for you. Never hurts to ask. Then you will have free time to quilt a couple more. If I were closer……

  8. The quilt looks great “as is”, and a border would detract, I think. How about having a “coming out” party once you can be around everyone again? Find a nice weekend afternoon once the weather is warmer, invite your sewing friends and family to come help you ‘bind for a good cause’ and maybe have a little potluck lunch to fuel the group. I’d come, if I wasn’t 3 states away.

  9. I love the wedding quilt I’m sure it will be well received whichever way you choose to finish it. I love binding too. Wish I lived closer. I know we’d have a great time getting them done. Take care…Hugs!

  10. Have you thought about contacting some local quilt guilds and asking for help with binding, or seeing if there is interest in an event? Trunk show/binding party sort of thing. I know guilds are often looking for both events for their yearly programs, and charity events, so it could be a win/win.

  11. JOo I’m only a couple of hours south of you ((Quad Cities) I am willing to bind! Please keep me in mind!

  12. Lori in South Dakota

    Nothing better than the Bricks & Stepping Stones pattern. I think a narrow dark border to frame it–then a wider border in a medium value of whatever color you want to bring out. I *hope* my gifted quilts are used A LOT, so a solid border with no piecing is better for tugging. We are using a Bricks & SS quilt on our bed (for about 10 years now) and I notice a few inner seams need fixing. Its been VERY loved! Its is still my favorite “go-to” pattern.

  13. I wish I lived closer too! I would be happy to help you. I need to invest some time and energy in organizing, purging, and cleaning in the sewing room. I also need to focus on some quilting-as in load the UFOS and get them off my plate. Graduation gifts and lots of weddings this summer would be a good place for some of them to go.

  14. Love your quilt just as it is. I often like borders, but I don’t think they would add to this quilt. Sorry I can’t help with the binding. Praying for your health. What size are your bricks and stones?

  15. I like binding and would be happy to help. I have chronic pain issues and when I can’t sit at the machine for long periods, I can get tge binding sewn on and then move to the recliner to hand sew binding with my feet up. If I can help, send some my way. Makes me feel useful and productive

  16. I would leave as is. It’s a nice size and they will love it. You should put up a white board in your sewing room to list all your WIPs and priority quilts on. Work down the list. It will feel good when you cross them off that board. You could make columns and put checks in the different stages the quilt is in. Just a thought. I’m a pretty visual person so that helps me out when I make lists. Also, take time to take care of yourself. That’s what’s most important at this time :0)

  17. That is a BEAUTIFUL quilt! If the couple marrying is young I vote for a bit bigger. Most now have queen or king beds. A queen size would work on either I would think. What a beautiful wedding present. I’ve been reading about your health issues. Take care of yourself.

  18. I agree that the quilt is beautiful as is, but if they want to put it on the bed, a bit bigger might be nice. If you do decide to add a border, there are two things I’d consider: 1) some blue around the outside. There’s a lot of browns and oranges, and of course the red and white four-patches, but just hints of blue. A blue border could make it pop. 2) red and white four-patches all the way around. It might be more work than you want to do for a border, but it would be fun to “audition” that to see how it looks.

    But again, it’s really lovely, and if you just quilted it and added binding, I think they’ll be thrilled. A quilt of that size is always so wonderful for napping, reading, or watching TV on the couch.

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