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August is such a busy time of year for me.  It’s hard for me to squeeze in time for sewing.  Typically the garden is at it’s harvesting peak so I am busy with that.  Plus we have family picnic and day trips added into the mix to make it a busy month.  So my design walls or what I’m working on are pretty  boring.  Very little changed since last week in the sewing room…the pantry, that’s a different story…

I’ll just show you some pictures from my trip to the Rochester/Oronoco Gold Rush…I have over 150 pictures of quilts so it’s hard to pick and choose which pictures to show you.   It was quite crowded and time didn’t allow me unfold all the quilts for big full size pictures so please forgive me on that account.  One of the things I learned on this trip was ADD SOLID COLORS TO SCRAPPY QUILTS!!

Here’s a Drunkard’s Path….Not all the blocks have solid colors, just some.


Solid colors work great as background too.  Check out the coloring of this double wedding ring.


Here’s another double wedding ring with a colored background….Notice the places where the arks come together is colored the same as the background…so is it still a Double Wedding Ring or does it have a different name?


I would have never picked this solid tan as a background fabric but honestly…I love it.  I really makes the blocks stand out.


Here’s another quilt that uses a solid back ground that I wouldn’t have chosen.  I wouldn’t have put the turquoise back ground with the blue on the stars.  I wouldn’t have selected something more matchy-poo-poo and much less risky.  It was beautiful and the blocks had solid blues in them too.


The stars all have some solid colors in them…I love it.  This is a quilt pattern I would love to make someday….


A full sized Trip Around the World is another quilt I’d like to make.  This one was great.  I would have NEVER put solid black in it but it looks good.

I couldn’t resist a photo of this little nine patch…honestly a nine patch is still one of my favorite blocks…  I loved this little quilt.  It breaks all the rules I’ve made for quilting…it has solids.  It has sashing that doesn’t really match anything.  Together it’s a beauty.


I was SO excited to see this Trip Around the World quilt.  I knew I’d love it as I loved the bright colors from far away.  I scooted ran right to the back back of the booth.  I started to unfold it looking for a price tag.  It was just a quilt top so I thought maybe it would be in my price range… I was looking and scrambling trying  to find the corner where the price tag would probably be.  I stood up and scared myself…not by the price tag….


But by the mounted animal head that I came nose to nose with.


In my hurry to get to the quilt, I never noticed the animal head hanging there.  Is it a water buffalo?  I don’t even know.  Honestly there is SO much to see that I was totally quilt focused. Hubby had a good laugh….Back to the quilt though..another example of mixing in solid colors.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow I’ll show you my favorite quilts from the day…and I’ll draw a winner for the Rob Peter to Pay Paul AccuQuilt die.

Check out Patchwork Times to see what quilters are actually working on….

6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I’m pretty sure he’s a water buffalo! You didn’t tell us — did you find the price tag? I really like the solids — gave me some ideas to use up some of the odd solid hunks I’ve found in my scrap bags. I’ve done backgrounds and sashings, but sometimes there just isn’t much there to work with.

  2. I love it when quilt have such unexpected things in them and they look great!! I try to “break” my rules on colors etc, it is a risk and sometimes it doesn’t work but when it does, WOW! BTW, the star with the tan background just speaks to me.

  3. I’m so glad you showed the wonderful quilts with solids in them. Somewhere along my quilting journey a great teacher cautioned us against using solids in our blocks s they appeared as holes in our quilts. I always remembered this and stayed away from solids. But your quilt display shows that anything goes and looks great. Thank you for showing another side.

    Terry in So. Calif.

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