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Last week I spent some of my time working on Bricks and Stepping Stones.

I love the look.  It’s a free Bonnie Hunter pattern.  You can find it here.  Bonnie used black and white four patches.  I picked red and cream instead.  Pauline, a blog reader, had sent me red and cream four patches so I just made some more, cut some bricks and started sewing.

Originally I was just going to follow the pattern and add a border.  As I got sewing I kind of liked it without a border so that’s what I’m going with.
That means more four patches and more blocks.  It’s not a bad problem to have because this is going together so fast.  So far I’ve determined that I’m making it nine blocks down.


I’ll see how far I get with the blocks I have and then determine how many rows over.

I had hoped to have this one together already but by burst of house tidying overtook my sewing time….maybe this week I’ll get the top together.

I’m so happy this one is going together fast.  I do really want to make wedding quilts for all the weddings we have this summer.  I have my eye on making this one for another of the wedding quilts.

I want to make it completely scrappy though.  The neutrals would be all different colors from my scrap box.  We’ll see.  I do need to make and quilt from the 2 1/2″ bucket.  It’s still over flowing.

Today I’m hooking up with Patchwork Times.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I have made the Strips and Four Patches for a wedding gift. We used her wedding colors and the neutral blocks were signature blocks that guests signed the night of the wedding. With that said…..I loved the quilt pattern, just don’t think I will ever do another signature quilt. lol

  2. I put the center of Chunky Churndashes together over the weekend. It went really fast also! It is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern as well. It will be a grad gift. I also have a bunch of weddings this summer and fall, maybe I could clear out some scraps and get some quilts made.

  3. The red and cream 4 patches are very effective. I often make quilts without borders as I often think a border would spoil the overall look of the quilt.

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