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I had a busy weekend in the sewing room.  We had our family Easter last weekend so for Hubby and me, outside of Easter church, was much like a normal weekend.

I was really busy working on a deadline project.  We had a quilt that will be featured in “Quilts and More” in the Winter issue.  The project is due at the end of the month but I want it out of the house and on to them so I can check it off the list of things to do.   I cut out the quilt out but then sent it on to Kelli when I had surgery.  She got the quilt sewn into rows but then passed it on to me to finish as she is having a very busy month.  Anyway, I got the top sewn together, got the backing pieced and even quilted.

Although I can’t show you the front…I can show you my backing.  I was really careful and was fussy when I pieced the two pieces of backing together trying to match the two pieces the best I could.  I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.


I was also busy sewing some things for me….
My Star Struck blocks are coming along.


I got several together, sewing leader and ender style, when I was working on the quilt top for publication.  Then after I got the top finished quilted I treated myself and let myself just sew lots more of the blocks.


These blocks will soon be finished.  I’m going to have to start deciding what I’m going to do for the sashing….I do think I want to do the same sashing that Bonnie Hunter did on the original pattern…but I don’t know if I want to use green….Hmmm.  Any suggestions?


I have so many projects going at once right now…I love that.  I know lots of people like to do one project at a time but not me.  I like at least four or five going at once.

I’ll keep working on this over the next week.  I want to get the blocks together but first I want to get that deadline quilt finished.  All I need to do is the sleeve, label and binding.

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Beautiful job on the backing! I can’t wait to see the front!
    I’m anxious to see your Star Struck quilt too. I made that in a Bonnie Hunter workshop several years ago. I sashed mine with black that had a small white star. It reads mostly as. Black. I also used some of my bonus triangles as cornerstones . I really like the way it turned out and I’ve had many complements on it.

  2. Love what you did for the back. Do believe if this was a back on one of my quilts that it would have spells of being the front.

  3. Is there too much red in the blocks to also use red in the sashing?
    Would red and black be too dark for the sashing?
    I’m sure you will make an excellent choice, whatever you use.

  4. You can make it without sashing. The free version of this same pattern is on Bonnie’s blog and it’s made without sashing. When the corner points of the light star join, it make an entirely new star.

  5. Sashing? I’m thinking of something that will brighten it up a bit. It IS spring, you know. How about a Springy light green or a Robin’s Egg blue? I have seen Bonnie use an unexpected color in the sashing sometimes, and it can really work.

    I am totally in awe of how productive you are, and how you can crank out all those precise little squares. Great work.

  6. My thought was the same as Deb’s, to do it without sashing. You have enough blocks already to put lay them out to see if you like it that way. Not only does that make more stars, but it also makes a lot of Quarter Triangle Squares. If you do try it out, please take a picture to show us!

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