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So I started another project.  I know, I know.  I certainly don’t need another project but I did it.  I started another quilt.

In my defense my 2 1/2″ bucket was WAY overflowing with scraps..WAY.  I couldn’t get the lid to close anymore.  That’s when a quilter knows it’s time.  It’s time to make a quilt.  So I was on the hunt to figure out what I could make.  I started to design something but then I remember there was a someday quilt on my list.  Of course, it’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt….Star Struck.


The quilt can be found in her book Scraps and Shirttails I.  Ever since I saw the quilt I thought about making it…then when Kelli and I saw Bonnie in Storm Lake.  She was showing it off during her trunk show and Kelli and I volunteered to be the quilt holders.  That was really fun getting to be the quilt holders during the presentation.  It allowed us to see the quilts close up and really realize that what’s on the print of the fabric makes no real difference and what really matters is the background fabric.

With the group of kiddos I have in my childcare right now, all of them are on the same schedule.  They all nap/or watch an educational show on TV at the same time.  That leaves me with about 45 to an hour each afternoon to do whatever I want as long as I am on the main floor with the kids and able to observe them.

So over the last week in the morning I sewed 2 1/2″ strips together in the morning and then at nap time in the kitchen I ironed them and cut them into segments.  It really works out great.


This is really a perfect quilt to work on this way…so it’s become my project.  I have it this far..all of the 4 1/2″ segments are cut and ready for their next step.  I thought about setting this one aside now that there’s a little bit of breathing room in the 2 1/2″ scrap bucket but you know..this would be a good project to just keep working on.

Early in the morning I could sew the corners on…in the afternoon I could clip and iron them.  Hmmmm.  When I first started this I was sure it was going to become a UFO but now I’m thinking maybe not….I might just keep going on this one.

I think one of the reasons I’m not going full throttle on this one is that I’m not sure what to do for sashing…green typically isn’t my color.  Any suggestions??

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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  1. IF I was making this one, I think that I would go a SCRAPPY blue sashing. But I know that red is your favorite color, so try several reds. Just a thought. Enjoy the process!!

  2. The great thing about scrappy quilts is that any color will do. (I know, not very helpful.) I’d say, choose which room the quilt will go in, then make sure the colors don’t clash. You wouldn’t want bright bubblegum pink in a room with colonial blue walls, for example. Not knowing your preferences, that’s the best I can do. Can’t wait to see this quilt. I always like your quilts.

  3. This was my first Bonnie Hunter quilt and I was hooked! I used mostly shirts and lots of red ones showed up. I used a black check, very small, for the sashing and the bonus squares for the cornerstones. I love it and so does everyone who sees it.

  4. I’ve made that Bonnie quilt before. If you look on her site, it’s very similar to her Star Struck quilt. It’s just like that one but without the sashing. I did mine in what I’d call ‘controlled scrappy’ but it turned out really well.

  5. You are always speaking of making donation quilts, however the only time we see them on site, is when you are putting together someone else’s flimsy, do you ever make a donation quilt yourself???? I mean with all the fabric people send you, a lot goes into your Bonnie Hunter quilts and they definitely are not donation quilts. Just wondering is all.

  6. Not to cause a “dust up” with Marie but I have a comment to make regarding her comments about your “making a donation quilt yourself”.
    I belong to a large group that makes quilts for charity. It has been in existence for 20 years and right now they have a backlog of approx 500 (or more) TOPS that need to be quilted. It’s easy to make a top but most ladies prefer to “quilt by checkbook” and do not quilt their own quilts or those they donate to charity. Personally I make smaller children’s quilts from start to finish to donate, especially boy quilts, as fewer boy quilts are made. (Girly fabrics are so much cuter! LOL)
    Jo, I am in awe of all things that you get done. Quilting donation tops is so commendable–and you are doing big ones! Keep up the good work. I’ll continue to read and enjoy your blog.

  7. I started this one a while back and I think have all the blocks made. But I am stuck on what to do for sashings. Might have to get it back out and see if I have any bright ideas!! Love your blog.

  8. Sherri,I also make many donation quilts from start to finish, I was not critizing JO, I was merely asking her a legitimate question. If that’s not allowed, IWould surely like to know. Yours in friendly quilting.

  9. HI Jo, I too, am in awe of all the flimsies you quilt for donation. Not only the fact that you spend hours at your quilting machine, but also the fact that you put the backings together, either from donated pieces or from fabric you purchase. AND THEN, you bind them. You are doing the part that most people don’t like to do. Keep up the good work Jo, you are filling a very necessary need. There seem to be plenty of people kind enough to make the tops to donate and you are kind enough to quilt them, sounds like a perfect match to me!

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