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I have so many projects going right now.  It’s crazy.  It’s a good kind of crazy though.  I am heading down the home stretch with my Jingle Bell Square quilt….

but…I am also putting some time into quilts on the quilting frame and this…WONKY WISHES!!  It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  My pattern came in the mail and I was excited to get it.  I’ll admit, I started the blocks before the pattern came.  I was so excited to make the quilt.  I had watched Bonnie’s blog as she was making the quilt.  Initially I liked it but then completely feel in love with it once she added the string pieced neutral sashing strips.

This weekend, I finished the star blocks….I really like them.  I opted to go with all more Civil War prints and similar darker tones.  My 2 1/2″ bucket was WAY overflowing so I was hoping this would give me some room in there…It didn’t really so I’ll be on the look out to be making another 2 1/2″ based quilt…anyway, back to Wonky Wishes.  I’ve had so much fun making these blocks.


The pattern is really neat.  It comes in a super cute little light cardboard envelope.  Isn’t the closure so cute.  I love the styling of it all.

Inside the pattern, it’s actually a small booklet.  It too is so cute.  I like it so much better than a regular pattern.  I always have hated individual patterns.  I would misplace one of the papers or get them in the wrong order.  I also love this new style as the inside pages are in color!!

Bonnie has the patterns for sale on her site now.  You can find them here.

Now that my blocks are done I’m moving on the sashing strips…that means STRING PIECING!!!!!!  I absolutely love that.  Hopefully by next week I’ll have a few done and ready to show off…of course, I am making the quilt bigger.  It’s a 5 x 6 layout now…I’m making it 6 x 6 so that means more sashing pieces!

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.

C&T Publishing provided me a free copy of the pattern for review.  My opinions are still my own.

3 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. For a precision sort of gal it is amazing how much I just love this design. I’m looking forward to seeing yours come together.

  2. Loved your post. Wonky Wishes is my all-time Bonnie Hunter favourite too. I finally made a cot sized one last year ( I have just emailed a photo of it to you, Jo). Loved every minute of making it and will definitely make another. The photo of your Wonky Wishes block: bottom left hand square – I had some of that fabric many years ago, all gone now though!

  3. I’m smiling as I read your post today. Your description of the pattern itself makes me want to buy it! And looking at your pictures, the packaging and style of the pattern (in a booklet) IS cute! It sounds like fun! Think I’ll just have to go ahead and buy it as I love stars in a quilt!

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