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I had an unusual last week.  With my childcare families I had one family that had a new baby girl….I had one that took a vacation so the kiddos were at grandma’s…that left my schedule changed up.

It did give me time to read a few more blogs than I normally do and it gave me a little more time.  When I was reading blogs I saw that Judy D got her Pineapple Crazy quilt finished.  Lucky girl.  That got me thinking of mine and that got me thinking I should at least squeeze in a block or two from time to time….I don’t want to set it aside but I have some commitment quilts that I need to get to too.  So in light of Judy’s inspiration, I finished  10   blocks.


That’s not front burner status but I’m happy with that.  That bring up my total to 175 blocks done.  It keep the project out of UFO status with 10 blocks finished.  I am hoping that I can get a minimum of 5 done next week.

I was doing a little clean up work and in my laundry room on the main floor which also has a sewing machine in it.  I ended up finding the remaining blocks I was working on.  Last week I reported that I needed to make 20 more blocks but I actually didn’t.  They were in the laundry room.  At some point during construction I had brought the blocks to the main floor thinking I might iron them over nap time.  Well I had forgotten about them.  I sure am glad that I found them before I started making more blocks.  Now I have all the blocks made.  Next up start putting a few blocks together and see if I like it.


Here’s the start of Wonky Wishes.  I only have 16 blocks made but I have many points already completed.


I don’t think any of these projects are going to get much further in progress this week.  All of my free time this week has to focus on getting my book work together.  I have a tax appointment.  UGH.  I won’t even say anymore.

I also need to get together and send out three finished quilts by the end of the month.  All are slated for publication.  I have another one due a short time later….Kelli although helpful is super busy.  Her father-in-law is having knee replacement surgery.  Kelli has been helping cover the cow milking shift that he used to cover.  Cows plus nursing school is enough on her plate.  It’s all do-able for us both but it will take a little juggling.

I do have to say, for what I’ve sewn this week, it sure is nice to be doing it in a clean sewing room.

Today we are linking up with Patchwork Times.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. A Pineapple Quilt is on my list of quilts I want to make but not yet. I’ve already have so many quilts started, waiting for their finishes! Your pineapple is so colorful and will be a beautiful quilt. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. I’m happy to inspire you Jo. :) It was such a thrill to have the top finished and the thrills will continue today with the binding. :) :)
    Glad yo found your blocks. That is going to be a great quilt!

  3. Wonky Wishes…..thought that was one of Bonnie Hunter’s patterns but don’t see it on her Free Patterns page. Is it in a book now? Love it! Would be great in so many color ways.

  4. Really love the scrappy pineapple blocks because of the way the lightest fabrics seem to swirl through them. You sure are busy, but you inspired me with all that you are getting done! Have a good week.

  5. Well, I see from Bonnie’s post today that the Wonky Wishes is now available as a pattern. But I realize that is not the one I am interested in. It’s the one you show in this post with the block divided in half diagonally dark/light and the maverick star in the middle. That is the one I am interested in. What is that pattern? I now see the stars in the photo below that one with all dark background will go in your Wonky Wishes quilt. ;)

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