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I had a VERY productive time in the both the flower garden and the vegetable garden…but not so much on the sewing front….well, I really shouldn’t say that.   I did work on my big pinwheel quilt.  The quilting is about 3/4 finished now.

I spent a good portion of Sunday digging through my backing fabrics trying to piece a few backs together.  I have all these quilts that need backs…


and at bedtime on Sunday, I had all these backs to go with them.


I often get some time here and there and I am convinced if I had the backs are ready to go, I might actually get a quilt loaded into the quilting machine a little more often.  We’ll see if that is a fantasy or if it’s actuality as the next couple weeks go by.  I have my heart set on getting a couple quilts finished this week.  I have a goal to get six project done by mid July…..I need to finish at least one project a week to meet the goal.   I got my Primitive Pinwheels done last week so that’s one.

Here’s my most creative back.  Typically I don’t piece them together in quite so much detail but I really want to use up stash fabric.   Gracie wouldn’t let me take a photo without her.  I tried.  Honestly she sees the camera and runs to quilts.  You can’t see the back the best but….


What do you think…Hubby says pieced backs just look like I was too much of a cheapskate to purchase enough fabric.  I’m going to be donating the quilt and I don’t want anyone to think that.  Opinions please….

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22 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Do not listen! Pieced backs mean you have a two for one — two interesting “fronts” so to speak! Also ask him would he really want those extra fabrics to just sit unused? This way they are used and loved! Great back BTW!

  2. I love a pieced back! A lot of mine are pieced – some have gone to the local fair and won blue ribbons.

  3. I love pieced backs, something to be proud of. I love reading your blog keeps me inspired. Good luck with meeting your goal.

  4. Toni Anne Potter

    I agree withVivian, its 2 quilts for 1. I never pay that much attention to the backs, now I wish I did. Your quilt back looks fantistic! Of course so does Gracie. ;>

  5. Pieced quilts aren’t only practical (using what you have) but they are beautiful. I think it gives a quilt added interest. Don’t people always turn your quilts over to see what’s on the back?? :)

  6. Your hubby is uninformed! He needs to go to quilt shows and look at the backs of quilts. It makes great sense to piece the backs of quilts—it’s an additional design area, is a great place to use extra blocks, and all in all it looks great! I’m all for pieced backs!

  7. He says that because he is not a quilter!!!!!! I love pieced backs! Takes much more time to make, so therefore, more love goes into the quilt!

  8. Denise from NY

    Pieced backs are great. I’ve done a few myself. Once quilted they look fab and you get a two sided quilt. It looks great!

  9. LOVE pieced backs!!

    add more interest to a quilt

    not to mention USING fabric that may not “do” anything for you anymore

  10. I love pieced backs. It’s like having two quilts in one. And, if it’s good enough for Bonnie Hunter it’s good enough for me.

  11. I’m like everyone else. A pieced back is much more interesting. Besides it gets the fabric used so there’s more room to get more :). Sandi
    I order both items from your favorite LQS…

  12. I am weird, I only like if its all uniform. like I would have put the other stars in a row under the other 2. can we see all of the front, b sides, if the top is up, no one cares bout the back tho.

  13. Pieced backs just mean that you weren’t quite ready to be done with the quilt….you love it so much that you want it to shine on both sides! i love a pieced back…..sometimes hubby’s just don’t get it. :)

  14. i don’t think that pieced backs make it look cheap, quite the opposite! it makes it look like you took even more care to add special touches to the back! it’s easy to seam together two of the same pieces of material for a back, but piecing one together takes thought and care! the back looks very nice! you do good work.

  15. I love pieced backings! It is a lot more work to puzzle out a pieced backing than just roll a bunch of fabric off a bolt and sew a couple of seams. Fingers crossed for you to get those six projects done by mid July–may your quilting path be smooth!

  16. Sorry I don’t agree with the man in your life….I love the back and I think it looks like you took time and some thought went into the backing.

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