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Oh my last week was busy and this week proves to be a busy one too.  I have doctor appointments, taxes to work on and deadlines looming.  The deadline projects are far enough away that I just need to keep them moving and it isn’t dire but I don’t want to drop the ball on them either.

I have an appointment with the surgeon of Tuesday-I’ll keep you posted on what’s next once I’ve spoken with him.

So what was I busy with last week….

A LOT OF THIS…lots and lots.


I had a project I was working on back a long time ago….I’m guessing four years maybe.  I had designed a quilt.  I pieced together a whole bunch of the pieces.  Then I sewed one block together and didn’t like it.

The block looks like this.  (Well actually not like this but close.  As the picture popped up I realized that the row to the far right is twisted.) So close to this….use your imagination thinking that row to the right is flipped.(I’m feeling too lazy to go take a picture of a correct block)


Well fast forward to last week.  I got an email from C&T Publishing listing all the new things that were coming out in February.  On that list was Bonnie Hunter’s Wonky Wishes pattern.

Wonky Wishes Star-Quilt Pattern(Cover photo courtesy of C&T Publishing.)

Well I would love to make that quilt.  I’ve loved it ever since I saw Bonnie string piecing the sashing for it…and I love maverick stars. It’s a no brainer that I am going to make the quilt.

Well I can get things for C&T to review so I asked for a review pattern.  They said yes and as soon as the patterns are ready they are sending me one.  How cool is that??

Well that got me remembering the old project I had going.  I thought I would go into that box and steal the star points with the dark background and set that aside for the Wonky Wishes quilt.  Well that lead me to re-examining the old project and that got me making another block and another and four more.  I then had enough to lay my original quilt out so I could check it and make sure I really was ready to trash the project and use the pieces for Wonky Wishes.

I actually liked the UFO blocks LOTS AND LOTS now that I have enough blocks done to see the beginning of the quilt.  I showed a picture of how far I have gotten to Kelli and Kelli really liked it too.

So my UFO has flown to the front burner.  I am working on it fast and furious.  I’m really excited about it.  I really think it will be published somewhere so I’m not showing it off more just yet.  This was a wonderful turn of events for me….the UFO was revived and I really don’t have a lot to sew on it as I worked on is lots of last week.  At this point I am mostly just assembling blocks.

While I was making more star points for my quilt I ran a bi-jillion of them through the machine.  I figured if I have too many for my quilt, the rest will go into Wonky Wishes.

I’ll be working on this, my hexies, my rug and my quilt on the frame this week.  Sadly, the quilt on the frame didn’t get touched at all last week.  The good thing…I am loving all of my projects…I never thought I would say that about the UFO quilt that’s since moved to the front burner.

I did ask Bonnie if she would be selling copies of the patterns from her own online store and the answer was YES.  Watch Bonnie’s website over the next couple weeks as she’ll soon be announcing pre-sales for her pattern Wonky Wishes.

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