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We had a busy week.  I had doctor appointments one day (more on that in a post later this week)…church and kids home with fun Christmas activities…and even some house remodel work (again more on that in a later post).  There are so many things to tell about…

For not I’m telling about my Mystery quilt progress.

I got this week’s clue finished.


I admit to twisting three of the blocks with half square triangles in them before I got a funny feeling and grabbed my tablet to double check.  I am sure glad I got them oriented the right way before I had sewn a big pile of them.

Wasn’t it SO-SO nice of Bonnie to make this week’s clue a little bit easier.  I know I sure appreciated it.  I am hoping the big reveal is on Friday.  I have the weekend to sew so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it happens then.

I did finish last week’s clue too making me completely caught up.


I had a couple days off with Christmas so I’ve been sewing on some of our own quilts that we are keeping a mystery for now.  I just pulled off a big quilt off the quilting frame that took me about 10 hours to quilt.  I love it…and not that it’s off the frame, I am so happy with it.

While sewing our mystery project I’ve been accumulating some cheddar bow ties…not a lot, but little by little with leader and ending, I’ll get them done.  For not I’m just throwing the finished ones in this little container.  I’ll take them downstairs tomorrow and hopefully get them ironed over nap time for the childcare kids.  Some days I am lucky…everyone sleeps at once and my work is done so I can iron for 10 minutes…It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes, it does.


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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I love reading your blog. I am interested in your childcare, remodeling, and especially quilting. But I do not like having to click thru to finish reading each post. I then have to go back to the home page to look at the next post. My computer does not like to do that, so now I sometimes only read the first part of each post.

  2. Elizabeth McDonald

    Ohh, thank you for giving an update with photos of this weeks’s finished Mystery clues!
    The pics will inspire me to catch up; I did week #1, and cut week #2. I too love the cheddar bow ties!

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