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I had Christmas things on schedule this week.  I spent all my extra time doing something for the kids in my care.  I can’t share about it yet…..soon though.  I had a blast with the project.

I didn’t have a lot of sewing time but somehow this week this happened.


Yep, I kind of started another quilt.  I know, I know…I have many quilts in process now so what was I thinking?!?!

With the help of my daughter Kelli we did figure out how to make the block the way Bonnie likely made it-with a companion angle ruler.  I’ve told you before that designers don’t actually write the directions for magazines so if you’re a die hard Bonnie fan and you read one of her patterns in a magazine it’s almost like it’s written in a foreign language.  She didn’t write it.

Anyway, I’m making mine with a companion ruler like I am sure Bonnie did.  I’ll share the measurements you need to make the hour glass pieces in a blog post on another day.  I admit, hour glass blocks aren’t my favorite but so far, I’m liking this.

As far as the mystery goes…
We had a busy weekend with hog butchering so I admit…I am not done with the clue yet.  I’ve got a good start and will finish before Friday.  All the two-ies are done.  They just need to be sewn together.

I do have the other pieces cut I just forgot to take a picture of them.  I am loving the mystery.  I think mostly because I love the colors…and of course more than anything, I love the me time during this busy season.

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P.S.  There is a sweet Marie Callendar giveaway happening here on the blog.

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Happy birthday Jo! I hope you have a great day. I know you probably wrote this post a day or two ago, but you could call starting a new quilt a birthday present to yourself!

  2. “They say it’s your birthday….” Hope your day is happy. The Addicted to Scraps block in this issue of QM caught my eye, too. Thanks for the tip re: who writes the instructions.

  3. You sure must have more spare time than I do to keep up weekly with the mystery quilt instructions because I sure don’t!!! AND I live alone and don’t work!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jo! Your blog is one of the first things I look at every morning. I love your sunny outlook and all you do with the childcare kids. Just ordered your book and calendar and the other book so I’m having a great time trying to figure out which one to do first. You and Kelli keep up the good work. Your fans love you!

  5. Happy Birthday Jo!!! I hope your day was wonderful:) Mine was great, because the two books and calendar I ordered from your site arrived today! I don’t know which quilt to start on first, lol! They are all so nice. Thanks for your blog and all you do for the quilters in the “internet ” land.

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