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This is one of those weeks were life has taken over my quilting time.  Kalissa and Craig spent the week packing and moving.  I helped one night.  The other nights I made supper and they came over to eat so they could get back to packing right away.  Another night I had to get groceries and go to the eye doctor.  One morning I had kids early so my sewing time was greatly cut into.  We had a baby shower yesterday and Hubby’s side of the family Thanksgiving today.  That’s okay though…life is more important than quilting.

I did a lot of cutting this week.  I got two more large batches of cheddar bow ties cut out and a few more blocks made.  Ididn’t counted as I cut.  I just know I need over 700 so I can cut and sew for a long time before I need an official count.


I also cut sashing and have started to work on assembling it for 4 Patch X.  There wasn’t a lot of progress there but some.


I have no idea how this week will play out.  Our kiddos will be home for Thanksgiving and I have Friday off of work so we’ll see.  I do have a good chunk of cleaning already done for the kids’ arrival so hopefully not much time will be spent on that….although I love the house, cleaning still is my arch nemesis.  At least here at this when I do clean, it feels clean.  The house on the farm never did!  I do know next week’s report will include pieces to the mystery quilt…I am getting excited!!

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  1. Love reading your posts ! I have been ‘crumbing along with you ‘ these past few days; i know I am a few years late, but enjoying it all nevertheless. I don”t know where you find all the time to quilt ( yep, I get it, TV has alot to do with it lol), anyway will keep enjoyong your posts. Cheers Jodie

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