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You might have read earlier that Kelli and I have a collaboration book coming out, 75 Fun Fat Quarter Quilts.  We were asked to only make one quilt but provide instructions to make several other quilts that used the block.  Well Kelli and I have been working on getting some of the other quilts from the book made.

Right now we are working on Miss Molly.  It’s a fun, really quick quilt to sew.  I love it with the grey, black, white and scrappy pinks.


Kelli and I picked out the fabrics the last time I had seen her and then she got the quilt cut out and started.  When I saw her over the weekend she handed the quilt off to me.  Kelli is really good at being organized when she sews and knows that I’m not so she did a little thing that helped me…

She organized the blocks on plates.


See the notations.  Ah…I love that gal.  She makes it so easy for her momma.


I have the blocks sewn but Kelli forgot to send the fabric for the setting triangles so for now, this is where this project sits.


Kelli and Kalissa go to the same community college so Kelli will drop the fabric off to Kalissa and Kalissa will deliver it me so by tonight, I should be back to sewing this quilt.  So far, it’s been lots of fun.  I can’t wait to see it finished.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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