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Sad but true…when I was cleaning my sewing room a couple weeks ago I found a something that I was suppose to have finished and didn’t.  We had a wedding on Hubby’s side of the family this summer that we couldn’t get to because Hubby had to work.  Having an alfalfa hay crop can reek havoc on many a farmer’s summer plans…drying and crop readiness depends so much on the weather and we all know how dependable the weather is…NOT!

Anyway, I had the intention of making a quilt for the couple.  I had a decent start on it but then when I realized we wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding I just set it aside…and then something got put on top of it and the rest…well it’s history.  Not good history either.  Anyway I now have a quilt that is 4 month late…that is if I can quickly get it finished.  If not, it will be five months late.  I am told that up to year late is still within the confines of being acceptable.  It’s still embarrassing.

Luckily I do have an okay start on it.  Half of the blocks are completely finished and the others are almost finished.


The pattern is really easy and is from our book, Country Girl Modern.  I’ve already made the quilt twice so once more shouldn’t be a problem.  The quilt is fast too so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can get it out of here in a week or two.

I already have a back prepped so once it’s a top it should be smooth sailing-but I’ve thought that before!!

I’m also working on my UFO.  Check by on Wednesday to see my progress on that.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Please don’t be so hard on yourself Jo! I’m sure that the couple will enjoy your gift ~ especially a handmade quilt by you for them!!

  2. I can tell you this, you will feel even worse if you don’t finish the quilt and send it to them! It will always hang fire over your memory of them. Much better to finish it and send it, no matter how “late” you think it is. Look at it from their point of view: “Yeah! We got another gift! And it’s a beautiful handmade quilt from Aunt Jo! She loves us, for sure!” Timeless and Priceless.

  3. I learned to quilt about the time all my friends started getting married. I just finished the last one, 27 years after the wedding. Children are in college! They loved it anyway. We’re still friends and they’re still married. It’s all good.

  4. And so this present will arrive at a time they can truly admire it when they open it instead of having it blurred together with everything else. Plus, “Hey, we can keep warm now that the weather has turned.” Really, no bad time to receive a quilt.

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