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I spent Saturday working on the sewing room-more on that later this week.  In the process I ended up finding several things that I am trying to decipher. Maybe you can help.

Last year in December I already had most of the farm house packed up.  In my sewing room everything was packed up except my Bonnie Hunter quilt books and my boxes that held my stash users fabric that was already cut up into strips.

I was spending long days at this house working to try to get it ready to move but in the evenings I’d come home and sew for a bit just to relieve the stress of it all.  Well I found that box that contained all the things I was working on…only problem, I didn’t label it all when it got packed away.  I found myself trying to figure out what projects I started.

I haven’t compared my notes to the quilt books yet but I am making guesses.  I think this tote is filled with segments with 3 – 2″ squares sewn together.  I think this is for the border for Cheddar Bow Ties from Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Hmm…I’m not even sure how to decipher my note.  It almost looks like I had three different projects in mind.  It looks like one project needed 228- one needed 100 and one needs 700.  It looks like I have over 400 made.  Hmmm….any guesses?


This I am sure is for Santa Fe String Star from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.


I am sure this is for Narragansett Blues  from Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I remember making lots of four patches but I didn’t remember cutting out the blue sections too.  I guess this one is reader to sew together.


I have a Ziplock filled with these….  I think these might be for the border for Narragansett Blues.  I’ll have to count the segments in the first photo because I think some of them might be for this border too.


Then there are loads and loads of four patches.  I wonder what I had intended them for.  I wonder if I have enough for whatever it was.  They are four patches.  They are made from 2″ square pieces.  They are for a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  Any guesses on what they might be for?

Apparently I must have been pretty stressed with the remodeling of the house last year because I got LOTS of sewing done.  I started LOTS of projects that are now in UFO status.  I think it’s time that a few this get another step closer to completion.

If you have any ideas on what these goodies might be for, let me know…right now it’s really a puzzle for me.  The good thing…these are all typical units that Bonnie Hunter designs with so even if I don’t make the originally intended project it’s no real loss.

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  1. Bonnie was doing the American Patchwork & Quilting four-patch challenge from a few months ago. Her design was a version of Edyta Sitar’s four-patch in a square design. Bonnie used that nice aqua to set her four-patches. Maybe all those four-patches were for that challenge? You didn’t necessarily have to have an end design in mind, just making four-patches for later, when the house was ready. Or maybe you did need an end design, being Jo. I’ve been using four-patch units I made ages ago as the centers for a bunch of Oklahoma Backroads block(Bonnie’s free patterns) for a quilt for DH for Christmas. (He was born in Tulsa.)

  2. Hi Jo maybe the first 4 patches were for a perkimon dreams quilt! Didn’ t Carrissa originally ask for one for her wedding quilt? They would work for that as you have the yellow and red properly placed.

  3. The 4 patches might be for Hopscotch/Butterscotch from Adventures with Leaders & Enders. Each block requires five 5 four-patch units and 4 units from pairs of 2″ x 3.5″ rectangles.

  4. My best take on your situation is that if you definitely know what some pieces are for, label them as such and continue working on that project. If you have pieces you absolutely have now idea what they were for, just hang on to them and a place to use them will come along. As for the four patches, lots of Bonnie quilts use 4-patches made out of 2″ squares. They will come in handy sooner or later. Maybe in your notes it would be a good idea to put the name of the intended quilt at the top, then the counts. Good luck sorting it all out.

  5. I think if you check back on your blog for those days before moving, you’ll find what you were doing. I remember you mentioning the count on some of those items.

  6. I’m sorry I can’t help you Jo but I’m glad to know that I do things just like that! I seem to be never content for one reason or another working on just one project at time & end up w/ baggies w/ works in progress. The question is tho ~ Just what is the project in the

  7. I’m sorry you are having a hard time identifying these Jo but I had to giggle when I read this post! Like you said, you must have been real stressed out about the remodeling going on. Hope you can figure it out soon!

  8. I have also learned the hard way to keep better notes with my works in progress. I don’t buy more than I need for a specific project. So while at the store I wrote right on the receipt which print was for the border, binding and back of a quilt to be made with bright cheerful pink and yellow batik fabrics that hollered at me while shopping for other things. I just knew they would work in a specific pattern…only problem was I didn’t do a sketch of the block. Time passed and I have pulled the bundle out more than once to play with and figure out the proportions and how they would fit into what block???…at a complete loss! No idea what to do with them. Back in the cupboard to stew a little longer.

  9. Bonnie Baker Lippincott

    Ohhhh, I feel for you! I had that habit myself. I say HAD because I finally got myself some marking pens and I write on the plastic bags what project these pieces are for. Such a lifesaver. I run across bags that are now empty and reuse them, just cross out what was there and write again. Such a lifesaver. My brain is getting too old and too full to remember what project I might have had in mind!
    Good luck on whatever it turns out to be.

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