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The wedding quilt for my niece Ariel and her intended Sam is hot on the front burner of my quilting life.  It’s coming along pretty good…now…There is a whole story that goes with that and you’ll have to stay tuned to hear it…but I’ll keep you waiting a day or so before I calm down enough to write it.  Yep..I had a case of quilter’s bad luck with that one.

Anyway on to what else I’m working on.  You know me.  I am never working on just one thing!

The saga of the quilting room organization lives on.  I still don’t have it organized.  I had to  just work in it as is.  It was hard but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  Wedding quilts come first.  The room is AWFUL.  With the new cabinet I am basically ripping everything apart so each and every item in my quilting room can find a PERMANENT home.  No home…it can’t stay.  I am guessing that this will be an ongoing project.  I get so far and then have to just stop and think where I want things next.

In the meantime I am working on cutting down some gifted fabric.  I am reorganizing how I store some of the fabric cutting down more than I previous had.  To accomplish that monumental task I have a temporary cutting station set up at the kitchen island.  While I visit with Hubby or wait for supper to cook I cut into strips.  It’s slow going this way but small amounts of time is letting me accomplish lots so I am going with it.  I’ll take progress no matter how I get it!


Hubby and I went to an auction this weekend-stay tuned for that story- so I had a bit of time to pull papers on my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  The first few were awful but I am in a swing now and it’s not that bad.

I travel with these two containers.  I keep the ones that need pulled paper in one container and put the paper in another.


Once we get to our destination I stack the two containers into each other with the paper container on the bottom.  That way the papers won’t spill or fly out.  Once I get to a garbage can I dump the contents.


I got 17 more de-papered.  Yahoo!!  The containers are these…


That’s what I am busy with…more on the auction, wedding quilt problems and hopefully the wedding quilt finish later this week.  In the meantime check out Patchwork Times to see what others are working on.

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  1. Just wondering about the Pineapple blocks, and if you have any rules for color placement. Do you have a palette of colors that you are using, or is it “Anything Goes”?
    Do you sort out the colors ahead of time?

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