What I’m Working On…

I just popped in to say:
1-yes I’m alive
2-yes the wedding was great
3-yes my ankle did AWESOME
4-I caught a terrible cold
5-We still have wedding stuff to clean up
6-while I was sewing Kalissa and Craig’s wedding quilt I was also sewing a few blocks together.  Then Sunday night after everyone had left I managed to get this together.


Whoot-whoot…I’m loving it.  I am hoping by next week I can have the whole thing together.

Today Kelli is here for a long awaited sewing day.  More on that later…

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Just came home from a wonderful weekend, and your wonderful book was waiting for me. I cant wait to grt started,,,, but which one to work on first??? Decisions, decisions…..thanks for all your had work, ….

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