What I’m Working On….

Well the retreat is over…Ahhhhh…now for a little relaxed sewing time for us..NOT!!

We’re back in the thick of things already.  Over the week I did EEEEK out a little me time sewing and managed to get the Garden Party blocks finished.

I had done a big count and figured out with the changes I am making to the quilt that I would need more chain blocks than I had so whipped up 14 more blocks and finished the remaining 34 hot cross blocks.

I ended up needed 144 hot cross blocks and 121 chain blocks.

I just love these blocks.  They are so fun.  Once I get a little time I’ll be onto making the setting blocks but for now, that’s moved to the back burner.

The wedding quilt has moved from and center.  I can’t have a lot of distractions if I am going to get it finished.   As of your reading of this post I have 33 days to get it done.  Before I started childcare, that would have been no big deal at all but now with 11 hour days with kids, it’s harder but that’s okay.  It’s still do-able.

I am also working on two behind the scenes projects…those will have to wait some too and thankfully they can.

I do have today off from childcare and you know where I am…SEWING!!  Hopefully by the time next Monday comes around I’ll have LOTS to show you!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. This was my first retreat. I had a fantastic time! Loved making new friends from all over the country and also Canada. Bonnie had such great techniques to teach us. Can’t wait for your next one.

  2. I also had a fabulous time and LOVED making new friends! I would love to hear about some Pineapple Crazy blocks. . . I think there are 7 very SPECIAL ones in particular. .. :) I am off to clean a bit more in the sewing room, so I can get the long arm head back on the table. I know you already know this, but YOU have some FABULOUS kids!

  3. I loved meeting many of the retreaters and especially appreciate Meliza who lubed my featherweight the “Singer Carly”. That was so fabulous and thoughtful of Meliza. I have a special treat in mind for her.

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