What I’m Working On…

It was a busy week but I did manage to get a few things done.

My Spoolin’ Around quilt is on the final lap to the finish!!  The machine quilting it done..now for the binding.  I want it finished by the retreat!!


I actually want it finished by Wednesday for the Show and Tell challenge so I can show it to all of you….

I am really happy with the quilt.  I am so glad to be this close.

I did some calculating and know I need a few a more Garden Party blocks before I am all the way finished with those and can move that project along.  I don’t imagine I’ll have much sewing time this week though.  We’ll either be teaching at the retreat, doing the trunk show or doing behind the scenes things to get it all to run smoothly.

Don’t you love it when projects get to this stage…so close…Soon we’ll be able to sleep under this one…that is if this Iowa weather would loose it’s humidity.  Speaking of such…for you retreaters coming.  Iowa is VERY humid this time of year.  Come with layered clothing.  Outside you’ll want to be wearing little and inside you’ll need a sweater if you’re under the air conditioner!!

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I love finishing quilts, it gives me such satisfaction to write “finished” next to the entry in my book.

    I love the way you set your spools and really admire the number of borders you put on it. Borders are something I am really not fond of doing.

  2. Love the spool quilt! Scrappy quilts are my favorites, and this one is great!
    That outer border with the scrappy four-patch blocks really frames the quilt beautifully!

  3. This is beautiful! I’ve been working on scrappy things for a little while now and find that I just love them. Thanks for sharing your awesome quilt with us today. :-)

  4. I love your quilt! The quilting is a perfect fit for it. I wish I could’ve got time off this week at the hospital I work to come to your retreat. I would’ve loved meeting you, Bonnie and Kelly and seen your lovely quilts. Hope you guys all have a great time.

  5. I just love how your Spoolin’ Around quilt turned out! Your borders with the 4 patches is just adorable! My spools are sitting together in a box some where as I haven’t gotten to them after our move.

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