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It’s been a busy weekend here.  At various times we’ve had Kelli, Kayla, Kalissa and Craig all home.  I did get a chance to sit down and see how far along I am with my Garden Party quilt.


The quilt is only 79″ x 79″ as the pattern appears in Quiltmaker magazine.  I personally like my quilts all bigger.  We have all full or queen sized beds here at my house and rarely to I making anything smaller than 82″ x 82″ so I stopped to take time to figure out how many more blocks I would need if I just made it one row wider and one row longer.

I already have more than enough chain blocks…I need quite a few more of the other blocks.

Now as I am writing this post Kelli is here and said-Hey I think you’ll want even more blocks.  That’s when she reminded me that I was thinking I was going to make the quilt without any borders on it….

Oh my.  The amount of blocks I need is growing quickly.  As tempted as I am to just not make the extra blocks and put a big border on, I don’t think I’ll be happy with it so I’m off to go count how many blocks I need to make it border-less.  I thought this quilt would be a quick sew but I am learning different really fast.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I am in the same boat! I look at a quilt pattern and think oh! Those are easy blocks. . .but somehow they always take more time to produce! I have to clean house today, but after that, the week is mine to SEW, SEW, SEW and CUT, CUT, CUT for the retreat at the end of JULY!

  2. could you let us know the final block count when you’re done? I’m with you…quilts need to be big enough for the bed and since I’m stash busting border less quilts rock! Thanks!

  3. It is amazing how many more blocks it takes to make quilts just a little bit bigger. The blocks are beautiful though, and look like they are fun to make.

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