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Last Sunday Kelli and I had a booth set up at Tractor Day in Castalia.  There had been several people in the area who had wanted to purchase a quilt book from us but just hate coming to our homes to purchase them.  Having the booth at Tractor Day gave them the perfect chance to get their copy.

In between Kelli and I chatting with visitors I pinned my Garden Party Chain blocks.  Then over the week I sewed them in all the little 10 minute machine time moments that I squeezed out and before I knew it I had this….

I have all of the chain blocks that the pattern calls for.  I was so happy.  Notice the word WAS in that sentence.  I just went back and looked a the pattern…Pooh.  The quilt only finishes at 79″ x 79″.  well I never make a quilt that small.  That  means I’ll need to look at the pattern and decide if I am going to tweak it to make it bigger.  Depending on the design layout, I’ll likely make one or two more rows.  I like my quilts big enough to cover two.

It’s a good think I have plenty more fabric.  It’s a good thing I am not bored with these blocks and still after sewing these two big piles of them I still think they are so stinking cute.

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