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I had a really busy week again.  Originally I had hoped to sew a couple nights.  It’s the week in the month that Hubby had fire and first responder meetings so on those night I always sew.  It didn’t work that way though.  I really didn’t touch a machine until Saturday and then it wasn’t quilting that had my attention.  It was this….

I am reupholstering the cushions for our wicker couch.


If you’re a long time reader you might remember that this was once brown when we had it at the farm house.


Several months ago I repainted it.  I had plans to do the cushions immediately but that didn’t happen.  Then once I got to it I didn’t like the color of the fabric.  I ended up a JoAnn’s finally and got new fabric.  I put it off the reupholstering and put it off.  I hate doing it.

I thought about having it done professionally and then thought again…I am a frugal resourceful girl.  What am I thinking about hiring someone to do a job I can do-just don’t want to do…besides I have reupholstered these before and it didn’t kill me.

So I got them sewn and then couldn’t find the staple gun.  I asked Hubby.  He couldn’t find it.  He hadn’t seen it since we moved.  Sunday he went and bought one.  Sunday night I tried to finish the cushions.  No luck.  The stapler is a piece of junk and doesn’t work….so the cushions are back in the garage waiting for a stapler.  UGH.  I am closer to finished though and I do have the hardest part done.

While I sewed the cushions I did manage to get seven quilt blocks done sewing them leader and ender style.

I’m off to Amazon. I am buying a stapler.  I can have it delivered to my door quicker than I can find the time to get to town and buy a new one and now that I have the hard part done, I want the project completely finished.

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jo you are a wonder! The blocks are darling and you have quite a pile , too! I love the fabric for the cushions. It will be lovely on your front porch when it is finished. Be sure to post a finished picture!

  2. So glad I’m not the only one who’s plans to sew are always changing…LOL!!! and who flutters betweeen WIP. These cushions are going to look great on the whicker chair though!! As soon as that stapler arrives…you;ll have them done and sipping tea in no time!

  3. Sorry to hear of your frustration with the stapler! The cushion fabric is really cute and it’ll look great with the white wicker on your porch. Kudos for sticking to the job even if you’d rather be doing something else!

  4. Mary Jo Boland

    You just saved yourself $300. When I lived in Massachusetts, I had cushions re-done or a wicker sofa. They cost 100.00 each, and that was just the labor.

    P.S. I just love Mondays. I get to read more than one blog entry. I usually don’t read the blog on weekends, so then Monday I get to read 3 entries.

  5. Awesome fabric……I hate to sew cushions too, but have to redo my cushions once in a while on my alder furniture because I can…..I can’t wait to see your project all done…

  6. Warning – those hot cross buns blocks are addictive. My quilt is getting larger and larger and I still can’t manage to apply the brakes… 8)

  7. hi jo. love the cushion fabric? did you finish your pineapple blocks? i am so tempted to buy that book every time you show your blocks. i like the blocks you are working on now—is that another bonnie hunter pattern? i’m sure i saw it somewhere recently………….my old brain’s recall feature is slowing down…haha

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