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I didn’t get a lot of sewing time this past week.  There were lots of evenings that included some type of commitment or outing so that leaves little quilting time.  I did manage to make the block grow over the weekend though.

All of the blocks that I pinned last week got sewn…and I even cheated, not finishing the chain blocks first, and made a few of the alternate blocks.  Skipping ahead to make the second type of block when the first type of block isn’t finished is something that makes Kelli cringe…(good thing she wasn’t here to witness it)..aren’t the blocks cute??


I took a couple minutes and even laid a few out together just to see how they would look.  So far so good.


I’ll be working on this project for awhile longer…I like the blocks.  It’s fun to see them come together.

I have  a charity quilt loaded on the frame and one to bind too.  For now I’m just plugging away a little at time doing whatever the mood dictates.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Hey Jo, what are you using for Leaders & Enders? I need to make some serious progress on my UFO list, but can’t seem to get focused on one. Any tips or tricks you use to push through to a finish? I want to get something of Bonnie’s done to bring in July. I can’t wait for that trip!

  2. I always have to make the alternating block so I can get an idea of what the finished project will look like. I can’t wait till I get all the blocks done!! Love reading your blog. Wish I could come to the retreat with you and Bonnie. My two favorite quilters and bloggers!!

  3. I started this quilt as a leader ender, but got too excited and have been going almost full tilt with it! I’ve been doing both the blocks simultaneously, both so I can see how it’s going to look when done and so I don’t get bogged down doing the same thing over and over. (I do much better with projects if I break things up with something different…)
    I love your blocks! Aren’t they fun?

  4. Your blocks are looking great! Are you doing all of the block with a 9-patch center in reds and lights? I’ve got red and light 9-patches in my orphan block box. I got carried away making them and had extras! :D

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