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Well since I got the quilting room clean I unearthed a few things that I was playing with before we moved….like this box….


I had sewn a bunch of string rectangles with the intention of making Bonnie Hunter’s Santa Fe String Star quilt from her String Fling book.  Earlier this week I set the stack of sewn pieces out on the kitchen island with the mat and cutter.  As the days went on I trimmed one or two and put them in a pile.  Before long I had a nice little stack of diamonds that needed to get the paper ripped off the back.

It just so happened that over the weekend we had two graduation parties and a wedding to attend.  The graduations were out of state.  One was in southern Minnesota and one in western Wisconsin.  That left me two car trips with time to work on something….I pinned some block pieces together on one trip and I ripped papers on the other.  I love accomplishing something while we travel.

As I worked it reminded me of all the times we went to visit my mother in law while she was at the nursing home.  I always had a project to work on as we traveled back and forth.  There are several quilts that I likely wouldn’t have finished if we didn’t have that travel time.  I know each time I look at my Perkimon Daydreams quilt I always think of her.  All of those blocks were pinned in the car on trips to visit her.

Our Minnesota trip was a quick in and out as we had an wedding scheduled for the same time.  Luckily Hubby was able to get off work in time so we could hurry to Minnesota and still make it back in time to attend the reception.  It’s such a busy time of year.

We have two more graduations yet and three weddings this summer…plus throw in Kalissa’s bridal shower for Craig’s side of the family.  I also have three childcare trainings to go to…several quilt related speaking ventures-one Kansas City way- and the big Bonnie Hunter retreat we are hosting.  I need to sit down and see what the schedules all look like and when I’ll get my next chance to work on a project in the car.  I want to make sure I have something prepped and ready to grab.

Anyone else work on projects while traveling in the car? I know I sure love doing it.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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  1. My travel project is my Star-A-Day quilt — the one which I need to rename Star-Every-3rd-Day and if I’m not careful even that name won’t apply! I’ve got to trace off more stars to refill my kit.
    Where and when are you speaking near Kansas City?

  2. Good luck with your project and your busy schedule. I wish I could work on projects or read while traveling in a car, but motion sickness sets in when I try.

  3. I sew random string blocks and trim them so they are ready to have papers removed while traveling. I need to find a specific pattern so I can make specific blocks. Lol

  4. Jo, I too would like to know where you will be speaking near Kansas city. I live in Belton just a few miles south of K.C.

  5. I also like having some handwork projects all prepped & ready for road trips. Lately that has been Bertie’s Year. It’s Bonnie Sullivan’s mini-quilt pattern series. One mini for each month of the year. When that’s done, I may go back to my English Paper Piecing or do a little hand applique. I also make those little scrubbies out of nylon net. So handy and my motion sickness flares up less when I crochet–but my wrists flare up more! Decisions, decisions…

  6. I used to do many projects in the car, but my husband no longer drives. It’s his turn to relax in the car while I drive. I still carry knitting or crocheting, though, to do in all the doctors’ waiting rooms!

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