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This will be a busy week for me.  I along with the bridesmaids are hosting Kalissa’s wedding shower here at the house on Saturday.  I am totally unprepared.  I’ve had little extra time to do much of anything except childcare and keep up with the day to day.  Yesterday early evening Hubby came home and we did get some picking up done outside but there’s lots to do in the house.

As first I thought..I need to do this..and I need to do that.  I’ve finally settled on, I don’t really care.  I’m likely not going to have plants planted.  I likely not going to have the rest of the boxes unpacked.  I’m likely not doing to have the two bedroom and the sewing room organized.  I’ve finally decided I don’t care.  My main two goals…1-dust  and 2-wash windows.  For the most part, the main part of the house is pretty clean.  It has to be because of childcare…the upstairs is hard because I don’t get to it at all until after hours and then it’s after working for 11 hours.

The girls were on my case saying I don’t need to worry about the upstairs but then I said people coming will expect a house tour.  Then they understood.

Kelli was home on Friday night so we brain stormed.  We have a few family weddings coming up this summer and thought we’d better get started on a couple quilts.  Last year all the weddings of the people we were invited to we gave a red, white and black rail fence quilts.  This time around we decided to change it up.  Actually most of my fabric is still packed away waiting for the cupboard to get refinished so I told Kelli whatever we come to first, we’re using.  We are going to figure out what we can make with it and that’s the quilt they are getting.

On the top of the pile was a stack of 6 1/2″ squares sent to me from a blog reader.  Kelli grabbed those and said, “okay…what are we going to make”?  I said it has to be simple as we have limited time…then I said-how about our Connect Four quilt.  Just like that, she started cutting and I started digging for a backing fabric.


In about 45 minutes, she had the entire quilt cut out.  Then she had the charms sewn together.

Saturday morning I was up early and in two hours I had all the blocks sewn and this much of the quilt assembled.

It’s been so long since I’ve had quilts to throw on the floor to photograph, I was afraid that Ruby may have lost her touch.  She didn’t.  She sat right down but then Hubby was noisy in the kitchen and she had to make sure there wasn’t any food to go check out.

This looks better in person.  I am happy that we have this fast easy pattern we can go to when we need something quick.

…as for my Pineapple Crazy blocks, I’ll have to wait until next week to show you how far I got with them.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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  1. I’m glad you got to the point of “I don’t care.” We all need to set our own priorities and goals, but they need to be realistic and they should be for us–not for others. Good for you! Go Jo, go!

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