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Now that the garage sale is over the main thing on my to do list is to get caught up and to get feeling better…neither is happening fast but I am very optimistic.

On the quilting front, it’s been a couple days since I touched the machine (a crime- I know).  I had no idea how many blocks I had done…technically they aren’t done as I haven’t done the final ironing and trimming.  It looked like quite a few.


This little mini eclairs box is the perfect size.  Our son Buck buys these and brings them home for his dad who LOVES them.  Typically Buck brings two boxes one for Hubby to share and one for him to enjoy later.


I pulled them out..there was a nice little stack of them.

After counting….there were 19 to be exact.  Ya-hoo!!  that’s a nice number.

I am hoping to get 9 done next week.  I need some type of goal to keep me plugging along.  I know several others of you are plugging away at your Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I’d love to know how many you have done.

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.  Hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Nineteen is a good number……. If you make one each day you will be up to 25 in a week….. They look like they are fun to make………..

  2. Your pineapple blocks are really sweet and thanks for the tip about the mini eclair boxes, I’ll look for them in the frozen section. Sure hope that you feel better soon. It’s taking me going on 3 weeks to feel any better now and everybody’s had it.

  3. I have started using various containers from the kitchen to store parts of blocks. It seems a good idea to recycle!

    The pineapple blocks look really good.

  4. Love those scrappy pineapple blocks! Don’t you just love repurposing kitchen stuff for the sewing room?!!! Those containers are great! I use an old cookie sheet for laying out block parts so I can easily carry it from the sewing machine to the ironing board, etc. and still keep all the pieces organized. Hope you feel better –

  5. I love your pineapple blocks. We use half gallon ice cream containers. DH is not suppose to eat sweets so he watches closely. When my buckets in the studio are looking full, he goes get a bucket of ice cream. It takes about month to empty one unless DGD#2 or DGD#5 are here. Repurposing is a great idea.

  6. Not starting that one until I get some other UFOs cleaned up and out of the way. I also like the clear containers that fruit comes in, especially berries, to store pieces and parts for projects. Will refer back to your blog posts though when I do start, I think you have some great ideas to be the most productive at the blocks.

  7. I’ve been enjoying your pineapple blocks so much that I’ve even thinking of trying my hand at paper piecing. Of course I might get started with Bonnie’s Wild & Goosey block to begin with! Thanks for sharing Jo!

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