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All weekend long it’s been work-work-work.  I told you we’re having a garage sale and boy-oh-boy are we ever!!!

I went through my quilts and I am liquidating.  I had wall hangings for every season and they are going!  I love them but this house really doesn’t support them like the farm house did….so bye-bye quilts!


Kelli and debated about keeping some of these quilts.  They’ve been Quiltmaker quilts and Moda Bake Shop quilts but we’re moving them along.  We could donate them but we decided to sell them and use the money for purchasing batting, backing and thread for more charity quilts.

We’re so excited!!  We sure hope they’ll sell.  It’s hard to know it they will.  Some people won’t want to pay the prices I am sure but honestly, we priced them cheap compared to what they really should/could go for.


I am going to add a couple more big quilts yet but I’m putting a full price on them….if they sell they sell if they don’t I’m keeping them.  Some Bonnie Hunter quilts-yep, I’m parting with a few.

I had to laugh as I put the quilts out.  There is such a range.  Some are the first quilts I made…I’ve come a long way.

I haven’t been through my patterns, magazines and notions yet.  That’s they week’s work.

There are LOTS of clothes and primitive antiques too-  Truly something for all!!  Five other family are joining in with Hubby and I.  We’ve out grown the garage and are getting a tent or two!!  It’s going to be HUGE!!

If you’re in the area stop by.  Here is our address:  111 2nd Ave NE Waucoma  and here are the hours of the sale: Thursday 6pm-8pm; Friday 7am-7pm; Saturday 7am-4pm.  After noon on Saturday we’re having sales and make an offer deals.

We’ll have copies of our book available too.  Make a road trip and come see us….Someone asked if I’m doing inside house tours…No-we’ll be busy with sales.  We hope to see some quilt lovers here.

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11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Should be a great sale. I wish I was there. I agree with Ana, you could sell them at the retreat. Have a great week and a great sale!

  2. I wish I lived closer to you so I could come to your sell. Or you were selling the quilts on your blog. Lucky everyone living near you.

  3. Cathy Killiany

    i would love to purchase one or two of your quilts. How can I do that I’m all the way in Ohio and won’t make it to your sale in time! Lol! Seriously, I’m t rudely interested!

  4. Wow! Wish I was closer! I agree, you should have used an eBay. I bet you would be shocked at what some of us would have paid for the quilts that have been in books or on Moda bake shop. :-)

  5. jo, i know that we tend to underprice the things we make, sometimes because we had all the fun of making them. it is my experience that you will be practically giving these quilts away at a ‘garage sale’. why? people expect rock bottom prices. i tried to sell a baby quilt for $50 and the most i was offered was $20. it’s not the workmanship, it’s the venue and what people expect. you’ve been to lots of auctions, can you remember the prices things went for? did you go to country threads’ sale? did they have quilts for sale? you can check prices on ebay and etsy. you don’t have to put them there. good luck. listen to others who follow your blog, you may be able to sell them on your blog. i know a woman who has a ‘blog sale page.’ that might be an option. patti in florida

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