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I bet you expected to see a bunch of Pineapple Crazy blocks again.  I should have had them done but I got side tracked with this!


The center and the borders of this quilt, Spoolin’ Around, were sewn when we still lived at the farm.  When I packed everything up I was sad that I didn’t have time to get this sewn into a top.

Easter weekend when I was sick and unpacking boxes I found it again and set it out with the intention of getting it all sewn together.  I got the first inner cream border sewn on and then started a big debate about the next dark border.  Originally I had a brown that I thought I would use.  Since that time my friend Theresa gifted me some fabric.  In it was a black that had a reddish/pink design in it.  After calling Kelli and sending her pictures, we decided to go with the dark and not the brown.

I am glad I did.  The whole time I was really nervous about the choice…in fact I think that dark border is what held this quilt up from getting together more quickly.

Next up I need to sew a backing (I already have that) and get it on the quilting frame.  I think I’ll go with some Baptist Fans for the quilting motif.  I love them….

Already I am starting the debate on what to bind it with…I have enough pink, enough green and even enough of the dark gifted pattern.  What do you think?  I am open for suggestions.

By the way the pattern for this quilt can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  She has it for sale in her online shop.

I’ll likely be back to Pineapple Crazy blocks this week….but who knows?  I just might try to get this on the quilting frame while I still have momentum.

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23 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. looks fantastic! I always love quilts like that when I see them, but usually don’t make ones like that- too many pieces, too much cutting! but it’s sure pretty… I think I’d choose the green for the binding. I think the black or pink would be a bit too distracting, and you already have a lot of busy in your beautiful quilt.

  2. I think the black frames the inner quilt beautifully and the green binding would blend nicely with your border. But you make fantastic quilts so I am sure your decision will be wonderful.
    Feels good to be near a finish!

  3. Beautiful quilt!! I would vote for a dark binding. I think it would draw your eye back into the quilt, and would finish off the quilt nicely. I love scrappy quilts!!

  4. I vote for the dark binding. I think it would frame it well and give the inner border company and compliment the pink. Which ever you choose it’s a beautiful quilt. I love all the movement that makes your eyes travel over the quilt.

  5. What a beautiful quilt!! I would use a dark binding, to frame the quilt. I think a light binding would just fade away.

  6. Love the idea of the baptists fan for the quilting. No idea what to suggest for binding. I’d probably pull out as many fabrics as I could and dither for a bit!

  7. I guess I’m alone in this but I think the pink would draw it all together. Think about what you want people to focus on or see first about your quilt – maybe that will help. I love the white dark white inner border. I’ve never thought of doing that inside of a larger border. I’m going to have to put that on my list!

  8. Not sure what you should bind with Jo but I think this quilt is gorgeous!! Yes, I was thinking Pineapple Blocks & wondering how many more completed but you surprised us with this beauty! Love it!!

  9. I’d prefer the pink or green. Black for the binding seems too assertive. But I’d probably fold a long piece of each, lay the quilt on top of it with a narrow bit of binding fabric showing, and stand back and squint.

  10. Lynne in Hawaii

    This turned out terrific! As for the binding….scrappy quilt can handle a scrappy binding. If you don’t want that, dark binding “picture frames” the quilt and the green would be
    non-intrusive or in your face. It depends on the ‘look’ you want. Any choice will be great.

  11. I vote dark so the outside pieced border gets some attention/notice as well. . . good work! I made some progress on Zuckerwatte for my niece’s grad gift over the weekend. I am using red and black, instead of pink and purple. . . can’t wait to see it finished.

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