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The Pineapple Crazy blocks have continued here at my house.  I am so proud of myself and a little disappointed all once.  I’ve valiantly been trying and trying to get the colds and sickness in the childcare to not spread but last week…I got it.  UGH.  I’ve been doing load after load of laundry along with LOTS of hand washing and sanitizing but the bug got me.  That left me sick and disappointed.  But being I was not feeling the best, night after childcare was over, I just sat and sewed.  I really didn’t have any ambition to tackle any new projects around here.

As an end result I ended up with lots of sewing time…..and that means I exceeded my goal of doing 10 blocks last week and got 13 done.  I had thought that 10 was an ambitious goal.  Having 13 done really made me happy.


I decided it was time to stop and take an inventory on how many blocks I have completed.  So far at this house I have made the 13 this week and 29 from the previous weeks.  That brings my total up to 42 over the last couple weeks.


I dug around and found the blocks that I had made and were in my UFO pile.  I had 65 there.


That brings my total up to 109 blocks.  I need 224 for the center.  UGH.  That’s many more blocks.  If I get three blocks done this week then I’ll be half way done to having the center finished…WHAT?? Only half way done?!??!  I’ve been working on this for a long time.  Next week my goal is seven blocks….I have some things going on this week on a couple of the nights so I’m not expecting to have as much quilting time.  At least the 7 blocks will put me over the half way part for the center…we won’t talk about how many blocks I need for the outside.

I’m still enjoying making the blocks….I’m not bored yet.  I am getting anxious to be sewing on other projects…not because I’m bored with this…just because other things are getting tempting.

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  1. You’re making great progress! When I caught this bug, I had no desire to do anything so getting 13 blocks done is an amazing feat! Hope you’re feeling better.

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