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I can see that at this house, either the “stuff” is going to stack up on the island in the kitchen or the dining room table.  The goal is to get the dining room clutter free.  It’s going to happen.  It will drive me crazy if it doesn’t.


My other goal is to get Hubby to put up a cupboard in the laundry room.  There are some things here sitting in boxes waiting to get out of my way because what I really want to do is sew on my extra machine.  All along it’s been my intention to have a sewing machine on the first floor too.  So often while I am waiting for something to cook in the pressure cooker or for bread to rise I’ve sewn.  At the farm house the sewing room was right next to the kitchen.  Here, the laundry room is just off the kitchen so I plan to continue to sew as I cook….only problem here…I can’t get to the machine.


When I was packing things up at the farm I purposely put all the things to make Pineapple Crazy blocks in this basket.  That basket is waiting next to the sewing machine for just a little bitty bit of time.  I’d love to sneak in and sew a few seams…but I’m not going to until the cupboard gets put up and the “stuff” that’s blocking my way to the machine can be put in the cupboard.

My goal for the week is to finish TWO Pineapple Crazy blocks…but hmmm..that means not only do I have to get Hubby to get the cupboard up, I have to find the second iron too.  This just might be a pretty lofty goal.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. I just love your updates ! Have followed your building project for quite awhile now. I have progressed ( been trained , nagged to get the ironing board out of the lounge room where it lived for 17 years. Only because I have no power points near my dining table, is the only reason my sewing machine cannot happily live there ! Loving working on crumb blocks lately after seeing your crumb along with me segments and your beautiful crumb quilt. Look forward to your next house update !

  2. Jo
    Thank you for sharing pic of your dining rm ~ I love it & think the dining rm furniture is beautiful/perfect! I am amazed at how much you’ve accomplished at your new home especially that you just moved in!! You go girl!!

  3. I love the mirror in your dinning room,,, wow, just set the whole room of. I can see you and your family sitting at that table laughing like crazy at something you have said..

  4. It is really hard to believe how far you have gotten with setting up your house! It is looking really nice Jo! I have really enjoyed your journey from start to finish. You’re amazing!

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